Installing PhoneTray Pro Software

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Installing PhoneTray Pro Software

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Installing PhoneTray Pro Download Version

Installing PhoneTray Pro CD Version

PhoneTray Pro Configuration Wizard:

Select Your Location

Configure Line 1

Configure Line 2

Import Data from an Old PhoneTray

Configuration Complete




If you have PhoneTray Free or PhoneTray Dialup installed on your computer, please uninstall it before installing PhoneTray Pro. To uninstall PhoneTray Dialup / PhoneTray Free, click Start button and select All Programs -> PhoneTray -> Uninstall PhoneTray. When Uninstall asks if you want to delete Settings, select No. PhoneTray Pro will be able to import your data from an old PhoneTray.


Installing PhoneTray Pro Download Version:


1.Log in to your account at and download PhoneTray Pro setup file. Follow instructions on the download page to start the PhoneTray Pro setup wizard.

2.Follow the PhoneTray Pro setup wizard to install the software.


Installing PhoneTray Pro CD Version:


1.Insert the PhoneTray Pro CD into the CD / DVD drive in your computer. Windows will show Autoplay dialog, click Install PhoneTray Pro software to start PhoneTray Pro installation.

2.The PhoneTray Pro setup wizard will ask if you want to install the modem drivers. Please click Yes.

3.Follow the PhoneTray Pro setup wizard to install the software. During the last step the setup wizard will try to download updates to PhoneTray Pro from the PhoneTray website. Please make sure your internet connection is active when you are installing PhoneTray Pro.


PhoneTray Pro will be launched automatically after the installation. It will ask for your login information:

Your Account Login


Please use the same email and password that you used to purchase PhoneTray Pro at PhoneTray Pro will remember your email and password and will not ask for it again.


PhoneTray Pro Configuration Wizard


After verifying your login information, PhoneTray will display the Configuration Wizard.


Select Your Location:

Configuration Wizard - Select Your Location
Select Your Location


Select your country from the dropdown list in Select Your Location section. Country selection affects how PhoneTray formats phone numbers and how PhoneTray works with the modem. Please make sure your country is selected.


Area code should contain your area (city) code, 3-digits in USA and Canada. Additional local area codes contain other area codes that are considered local in your region.


Configure Line 1:

Configuration Wizard - Configure Line 1
Configure Line 1




Press Back Installation_configuration_back button left of PhoneTray Configuration title bar to go back to the previous step in the Configuration wizard.


Enter the name of your main phone line into the Line Name field for Line 1, for example, Home or Business. Select your dial-up modem connected to that line.




If there are no dial-up modems connected to your computer, the modem dropdown box will not show any modems. You will need to purchase one of the recommended dial-up modems listed at or purchase PhoneTray + Modem package in order to use PhoneTray.


Please make sure that your dial-up modem is connected to your phone line as described in the Setting Up Your Dial-up Modem topic.


Configure Line 2:

Configuration Wizard - Configure Line 2
Configure Line 2


PhoneTray can monitor 2 phone lines. You will need a second dial-up modem connected to line 2 because each dial-up modem can monitor only 1 line.


Check this box Privacy_call_blocking_checkbox to enable monitoring calls on the second line:


Checking this box enables settings for line 2. Enter the name of your secondary phone line into Line Name field for Line 2, for example, Home or Business. Select your dial-up modem connected to that line.


Import Data from Old PhoneTray:


If PhoneTray detected that you have data from PhoneTray Free or PhoneTray Dialup, it will bring up the Import Data screen:

Configuration Wizard - Import Data
Import Data


Click Import Data button to import your data from the old PhoneTray. PhoneTray Pro will import call history, blocked numbers from Privacy Manager and assigned caller names. Blocked numbers will be added to your Black List. PhoneTray Pro will also import your contacts from Privacy Manager in the old version of PhoneTray to the Imported Contacts group in the PhoneTray Pro Contacts list. You can look through the imported contacts later and edit each contact to assign it to a proper contact group, like Family, Friends or Businesses.


Configuration Complete:

Configuration Wizard - Configuration Complete
Configuration Complete


Click Finish Finish button to complete the Configuration Wizard. Now PhoneTray Pro is ready to protect your phone line from the telemarketers and other unwanted calls.




You can run the Configuration wizard again later by clicking on the PhoneTray icon installation_phonetrayicon_zoom60 in the upper-left corner of the PhoneTray Pro main window:


You can also change the Lines settings without running the wizard by going to the Settings - Lines screen in PhoneTray.



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