Phone Number 202-609-7609 / (202) 609-7609

Status: Telemarketing. This number is automatically blocked by PhoneTray Pro.

Entry created on 4/25/2012.

Number located: Wshngtnzn1, DC, USA - Phone company: Neutral Tandem-Washington, Dc., Llc - Dc

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1 comments about (202) 609-7609 from PhoneTray users
on 6/25/2012

Call from 202-609-7609. I didn't pick up.

This caller called my home phone once before and left no message at that time either. Now, I have blocked the whole 202 area code with PhoneTray Free.

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9/27/2013 2026097609
3/13/2013 2026097609 Romney Ryan
2/16/2013 2026097609 Romney Ryan

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28 call reported from 202-609-7609.
Betty Duffy
from FL
on 6/27/2013
Jack Parker identified himself as an employee of the US Treasury Department with info on availablity of loans ... When I asked for ID # ... he couldn't give me one. I asked who his supervisor was ... it was a Kevin (last name I didn't understand ... man spoke very broken English!) He told me to call the number 202609
from MA
on 5/29/2013
The telephone-based opt-out system is working (at 202-609-7609). If they keep calling, contact them below to be added to their Do Not Call List. If that doesn't work, you can submit a complaint at the website below. Contact Information Restore America PAC PO Box 2225 Lake Oswego OR 97035 phone: 931-863-5885 Director: David Crowe Restore America is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Every time you get an unwanted phone call (from any number), please submit a new complaint to this website: We've had four phone calls recently; I've submitted four complaints!
from VT
on 3/29/2013
This is likely a scam of some sort. Why would a campaign for a long over election be calling anyone out of the blue. Not sure what it is, but most likely nothing I want to be bothered or involved with.
from WA
on 10/17/2012
Backwoods right-wing political PAC trying to sell me a "free" Romney bumper sticker. Sorry, but the only use I'd have for that would be to toss it in the crapper, and take a big gnarly dump on it. And since that may clog my plumbing, I'll just have to pass!
Matt Bieneman
from MD
on 7/7/2012
DoNotCall list is a scam in itself; the "political" exemptions have nothing to do with "First Amendment rights". The exemptions were bought and paid for by the rich. I am the one who paid for the phone line; I don't need it abused with daily calls from alleged politicians. Constant harassment is not an incentive to donate. These scammers are too stupid to understand that. Only I decide who I want to donate to; anyone who calls me asking for money is automatically cut off from donations, for life. This particular scammer has also been violating the "2 second rule", as well as repeatedly calling people who have told them to "take me off your list". Considering their rude and illegal behavior, this is probably a scam, and not actually a "political" call; they are certainly not helping the Romney campaign with their behavior.
from MO
on 5/12/2012
Keep getting calls from this phone number almost every day including weekends, various times, and does not record a message each time. We do not answer any of these calls. Though political calls are exempt, we are on MO NO Call and National NO Call lists. Without any recorded messages, they may be asking for donations - THIS IS TELEMARKETING. Also it's none of their business regarding our voting - It's private. Do not believe in many of the polls. THIS IS CONSIDER HARASSMENT. MR. ROMNEY IS NOT A NOMINEE.
from OH
on 5/11/2012
ha ha... you wish! not answering that one!
Tracy Schafer
from IL
on 5/10/2012
GO TO HELL ROMNEY! Greedy Bastard!
on 5/5/2012
I want to tell them to stop calling but no one ever answers. I keep saying Hello, Hello but nobody answers and then they hang up.
from OH
on 5/4/2012
None-Hanged Up when answering machine picked up.
from RI
on 4/30/2012
The DNC registry is referenced by callers obeying the Telemarketing Sales Rule. Political speech and fundraising does not meet the FTC definition of a sales call. We might argue that an *idea* is being sold, but you need a commercial transaction for TSR coverage. It would also be dangerous to begin trading inconvenience with the erosion of First Amendment rights.
from NM
on 4/30/2012
Why is it that we can't get election solicitation included in the Do Not Call Registry? It's the politicians working for themselves and not representing us. I hate these calls.