Phone Number 209-642-4144 / (209) 642-4144

Status: Telemarketing. This number is automatically blocked by PhoneTray Pro.

Entry created on 11/15/2012.

Number located: Lodi, CA, USA - Phone company: Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ca

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1 comments about (209) 642-4144 from PhoneTray users
on 12/28/2012

Call from 209-642-4144. I didn't pick up.
Caller: California.

I had the 209 area code blocked for months along with the name ' California ' since other callers use this CID name none of which are real persons names. I dont know anyone from California and I sure wouldnt let some cluck with the name 'California' into my house. If you wanna talk to me you're required to some respect up front.

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7/30/2013 2096424144
1/17/2013 2096424144 Out Of Area

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18 call reported from 209-642-4144.
from NJ
on 1/8/2013
fake numbers,scam,beware - report to local police.
from NY
on 12/28/2012
Update on 209 642-4144, Other phone numbers tied to this group are 347 502-2577 and 267 798-7013. The 347 502-2577 is a fake front end just to capture calls returned. The 267 798-7013 was an inside line which has been shut down. Last call I received was "unknown",so I picked up however after asking for further details from the caller, he admitted that 347 502-2577 is also used by his office. He stated that his name was Mike and transferred my call to John as I expressed perhaps an interest in this service. They are seeking any information that they can use, full name(s), address, DOB, other phone numbers, credit card data and SS numbers!!! and will not send any details via the mail. This is not a simple scam effort, these folks are Criminals. Do Not Call list does not work with this group, however their association to ADT is without question, just take the call and it becomes clear. As an mundance piece of information both Mike and John speak perfect Russian as do I. ADT should step in and stop these calls. Thank You.
from NJ
on 12/27/2012
from NY
on 12/21/2012
I took the phone call and allowed the scam caller to vomit up the bogus FREE four hundred dollar savings part. I then just told them what comments are posted for 209 642-4144 and asked her to call her own parents with this offer. She was not really happy with this comment... Just a thought to ponder if one is thinking about using ADT services. The calls will stop when the providers behind the scam are revealed, in this case, ADT. Targeting seniors who are ill and live in fear is shameful and just reflects the real mission of the Service Provider. Keep posting these comments.
from CA
on 12/13/2012
If this is coming from ADT it might be fun to call their 800 number and ask them why they believe anyone would do business with a telemarketer.
from CA
on 12/11/2012
When I tried to call the number back I received a message saying "The number you dialed is not in serivce at this time. Thanks you for calling"
on 12/3/2012
ADT calls from many different numbers, with many different offers, and seem to ignore requests not to call. REPORT THEM.... file a complaint.
Screaming Eagle
from CA
on 11/30/2012
Prerecorded message with no human (illegal) hawking senior citizen medical alerts
Cherryl Walker
from LA
on 11/24/2012
Security System Racket: It appears that this shindig is coming from ADT. I even have a copy of an ad from an ADT dealer that uses the same come-on about FREE security system ($840). The catch is that you have to pay an installation fee, and buy a subscription to the monitoring service. You have to worry just as much about the security service ripping you off as you do about the criminals!
from CA
on 11/24/2012
Selling either a alarm system or emergency response system - we hung up after hearing " If you are a senior ..." and then they spoke about response time for emergency calls.
from MA
on 11/21/2012
No message left.