Phone Number 214-232-0615 / (214) 232-0615

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 9/7/2011.

Number located: Grandprari, TX, USA - Phone company: New Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Il

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on 9/8/2011

Call from 214-232-0615. Answered and got a recorded message. It was phone scam.
Calling on behalf of: Citibank Credit Card.

Received recorded message on cell phone. "Citibank Credit Card has locked my 1..". This is not possible for I do not having ANY credit cards. I review my credit reports twice a year which will list all accounts in my name.

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from FL
on 9/21/2011
These people called my cell phone at 5:43am!!! I did not answer because I didn't recognize the number. They did not leave a message. Who are these people and why are they calling my cell phone?
SN in TX
on 9/19/2011
Called me on my cell phone. I did not answer & they left no message. Think I've had call come from same number at home & it was a bogus automated credit card message.
from TX
on 9/7/2011
The automated voice said they were from a Credit Union and that my debit card was compromised and to Press 1 for more information. I instead pressed the disconnect button. Obviously phishing for personal data from the gullible!!
on 9/7/2011
Recording that said it was from Security Service Credit Union which stated a credit card was locked for security reasons and I should press "1" to reactivate it. sounds like a scam.
from TX
on 9/2/2011
Called my cell phone at 4:09 A.M., soon as I herd it say that it was from the Bank of America, I ended the call, I don't have an account with them and never have had an account with them.
on 9/1/2011
Called today (9/1/11) at 5:30 a.m. Scam. Voicemail said it was Bank of America and that I needed to update account information as soon as possible.
on 9/1/2011
Scanner said they were bank of america
from OR
on 8/28/2011
Some suspicious entity--who, based on the area code, I'd assume is from the Dallas, TX area--leaves a (canned, recorded) voicemail on my cellphone at 10:30pm. I can't imagine why anyone would give money to someone/something which: 1) invades their home without permission 2) does so at a ridiculous, rude hour (I wouldn't ever call a *friend* at 10:30pm, even if I knew the person was a "night owl") 3) is likely a "fly-by-night" operation, given the fact their entries on this site are all clustered around a period of less than one month Fortunately, the phone on my landline allows me to block such calls forever with a single, simple procedure. (It was from this site that I learned phones with such features exist!) If only my mobile phone had the same ability.
on 8/26/2011
Scammer. Keeps calling with security message saying my credit card has been stolen.
from SD
on 8/23/2011
said something about our debit card was lost or stolen, just hung up on them.