Phone Number 214-269-4348 / (214) 269-4348

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 1/20/2014.

Number located: Dallas, TX, USA - Phone company: Grande Communications Networks, Inc. - Tx

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Date Number Name / Notes
5/14/2014 2142694348 Unavailable

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from KS
on 5/22/2014
when you pick up the phone and say hello they hung up the phonethey have called here twice today on call at 9:51am and the next call at 11:35am both times they hung up when I picked up the phone to say hello
from IA
on 5/19/2014
Dead air after answering. They don't click off
from AL
on 3/21/2012
Called twice tonight. Dead air after answering. They don't click off. I finally do.