Phone Number 214-269-4377 / (214) 269-4377

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 8/23/2012.

Number located: Dallas, TX, USA - Phone company: Grande Communications Networks, Inc. - Tx

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8 call reported from 214-269-4377.
from TX
on 11/8/2012
This number calls all the time, never leaves a message. Caller ID comes up, "unknown". I accidentally answered thinking it was some one I knew. It was a debt collector from Dallas threatening to sue the person they were looking for. That person doesn't live at this address, and hasn't for 10 years.
V Schlattmann
from MO
on 11/3/2012
Caller ID says Unknown has called twice; does not leave message on ans. machine............I don't call back if caller does not leave message. I don't answer if I don't recognize phone number.
sue r
from CT
on 11/1/2012
after getting 25 phone calls in 1 week finally had a person they were giving away life alert to seniors over the age of 50(when did 50 make you a senior) living alone and disabled people living alone. Something fishy especially since you cann't call this number back
sue r
from CT
on 10/25/2012
8 phone calls strarting at 8:30 am no message. Tried calling back and doesn't connect
from OK
on 10/24/2012
This number has been harassing this household and its ridiculous, no real live person to speak to and think this # is a scam
Blackberry User
from CA
on 7/13/2012
Alledgedly James Peterson - Dallas Texas - multiple listings