Phone Number 214-306-7667 / (214) 306-7667

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 1/17/2009.

Number located: Dallas, TX, USA - Phone company: Southwestern Bell

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19 call reported from 214-306-7667.
from ON Canada
on 5/27/2008
Very pushy guy called saying we had "won" something (Hooray! Not.) I asked him to put us on their do not call list, and he said "No, why don't you want this?" Very rude guy!
from ON Canada
on 4/11/2008
Got a call from these people claiming that I had filled out a coupon about a year ago and now I have won an HDTV, trip to the Paris and a bonus prize. They had my home address and wanted to make an appointment at a specific time at a location about half an hour away from where I live. The "verifier", someone named Ali Ahmad, transferred me to a supervisor, Alex, who wanted my full name, my spouse's full name, full address, etc. to make a reservation for the Paris. I hung up at that point.
from PA
on 11/2/2007
The guy said I had entered a sweepstakes and won a trip, but I don't enter those so he said my husband or kids could have done it, but I won a trip. I told him I was suspicious and he just kept saying "you won a trip, ok?" My phone battery was going dead anyway, so the phone cut out before he could transfer me to the "supervisor, who will give you details about your trip." He had a heavy accent. They called back but I didn't answer.
from TX
on 10/2/2007
Hung up when I heard Vacation company. This foreigner had the nerve to call me back. The next time he will get a surprise.
from CA
on 7/28/2007
Called 3 times.Said they were calling because we had filled out a coupon at a Walmart to win a vacation and that we had been selected. When I said "thanks but no thanks" he became annoyed and started heckeling me. Very heavy accent
from TX
on 7/11/2007
Used profanity and threatened my wife when she would not purchase anything and hung up. The call originated in a 214 area code which is dallas texas.
from TX
on 7/10/2007
I hung up when I heard the boiler room.
from TX
on 7/9/2007
directed me to an address in Hurst, TX to pick up papers for vacation
on 7/9/2007
Sounded like some foreign guy that said I was going to die in 7 days.
from WA
on 7/6/2007
this is some vacation company trying to telemarket, from somewhere with bunch of non-english speaking people trying to sell something.