Phone Number 214-484-0013 / (214) 484-0013

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 2/26/2010.

Number located: Dallas, TX, USA - Phone company: 360networks (Usa) Inc. - Tx

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karen in tx
from TX
on 10/27/2010
They ARE breaking the law by faking false Caller ID phone numbers. I AM reporting them to the Attorney General AND FTC. Please do the same & maybe we can shut down these scummy collectors that break the law! I just called the number back & got "Erin Eden" (or so she said). She said they are in Nevada & when I said they are breaking the law by faking false Caller ID phone numbers, she said they are not breaking the law. I said I'm reporting them to the NV AND TX AG's & the FTC- have fun paying the fines... Note- they are calling on OLD debts that have been off the credit report for years! Do NOT pay them a penny on old debts past your state's statute of limitations or it goes BACK onto your credit report for another 7 years! The statute of limitations in Texas is 4 years & this debt is over 8 years old!
karen in tx
from TX
on 10/21/2010
just hang up on these scumbags- let them waste their time calling. We know our rights!
on 10/19/2010
I hope you haven't gone two years without invoking your FDCPA rights, GDK. If it's been a single different collector each time, an annual USPS Certified fee for the cease-comm is pretty cheap for a quieter phone .... and/or ammo for a lawsuit. If you have not already, do some homework at FTC-dot-gov.
from TN
on 10/19/2010
Well - it is October. Time for my work cellphone (I.T. Support for Hilton) to get the annual debt collector calls for Kimberly Johnson. This started in 2008, resurfaced in 2009, and here we are again in 2010. Someone in our department has been carrying this phone number for over 5 years -- and we never employed anyone by the name of Kimberly Johnson.
from TX
on 10/15/2010
These assholes call every other day.
karen in tx
from TX
on 10/15/2010
Dan is correct! This is scum sucking low life collectors- try to collect VERY old debts that are off your credit report. don't give them a penny!!!!!
from TX
on 9/9/2010
This is a debt collection company that buys up very old debt. When I say old, I mean debt that is over 7 years old, that no other debt collection company wants. They are based out of Vegas, but a lot of times they will spoof the Called ID to show a number from your area so you will possibly answer. Ignore them. How do I know this? I worked for them for about 2 months after I was laid off my job. Look people if you owe something that is very old like this, it's off your credit report anyway. Bad thing is that if they talk you into sending in just one token payment, they can renew the debt and it will "magically" appear back on your credit report. The tactics that these people use are way unethical. If they realize that they have a good number for you, they have a skip trace department that will start looking up your relatives and bothering them in an effort to get you to talk to them. If you get a call with a computer message asking if it is you, and to press whatever number, Don't! If you do, your nightmare is just beginning. Luckily for me I found another job, and once I gave my 2 weeks notice, I spent most of my time labeling the accounts handed to me as "bad number" or "wrong contact number". I just didn't have the stomach for this. These people are: 1st national Collection Bureau Las Vegas, Nv.
from TX
on 7/13/2010
This numbers calls several times a day. Reverse lookup says the number is a landline belonging to Eluterio Ramirez which makes no sense.
from TX
on 6/26/2010
They call continuously every hour at least...then when we don't call...they call the cell phones (3 of them). Sometimes, they call 3 times within an hour...all day...7 days a week. Quit calling!!!!
from TX
on 6/9/2010
I got two calls from this number on my phone. No message was left. When I finally got through, a recording came on and then I was put in a queue.
from TX
on 3/18/2010
calls 3 or 4 times a day. never leaves a message
on 3/3/2010
This is a debt collector FNCB there 800 number is 800-824-6191, they are using local numbers to try to get you to answer.