Phone Number 313-355-5255 / (313) 355-5255

Status: Telemarketing. This number is automatically blocked by PhoneTray Pro.

Entry created on 11/6/2013.

Number located: Detroitzn1, MI, USA - Phone company: Bandwidth.Com Clec, Llc - Mi

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5 comments about (313) 355-5255 from PhoneTray users
on 1/28/2015

Call from 313-355-5255. There was no one (dead air) on the line. It was a telemarketing call.
Calling on behalf of: Home Services.

Constant calls-Block and or Hang Up

on 11/3/2014

Call from 313-355-5255. I didn't pick up.
Caller: Detroitzn1,Mi.

Called twice 1;55 and 2 pm 11/3/14 - Call Received, call Blocked. Call Received, call Blocked.7/15/15 122pm

on 6/11/2014

Call from 313-355-5255. I didn't pick up.
Caller: Member Services.

My PhoneTray zapped the call. Ninth time they have called since November 2013 and the sixth time the call was zapped. You would think they would take me off their list!

on 5/12/2014

Call from 313-355-5255. I didn't pick up.
Caller: Member Services.

Called today May 12, 2014, but I didn't pick up.

on 12/20/2013

Call from 313-355-5255. Answered and got a recorded message. It was phone scam.
Calling on behalf of: A security company.

The call begins by informing us that The FBI says break-ins..." Misleading and a scare tactic. They have called several times.

56 PhoneTray users reported (313) 355-5255 as spam
Date Number Name / Notes
3/17/2016 3133555255
9/24/2015 3133555255 Member Services
7/14/2015 3133555255 Member Services
7/9/2015 3133555255 MEMBER SERVICES
7/7/2015 3133555255 Illegal Scam
7/7/2015 3133555255 Member Services
5/21/2015 3133555255 Member Services
4/4/2015 3133555255 Member Services
2/27/2015 3133555255 Member Services
2/24/2015 3133555255 V22316073200051
2/3/2015 3133555255 3133555255
12/19/2014 3133555255 Member Services - Telemarketer
12/12/2014 3133555255 Member Services
12/2/2014 3133555255 Member Services
11/19/2014 3133555255 MEMBER SERVICES | scam - asking to be put on a do not call list
10/23/2014 3133555255 Member Services
10/22/2014 3133555255 Member Services
10/8/2014 3133555255 Junk
9/19/2014 3133555255 V91911141400666
9/18/2014 3133555255 Member Services
9/3/2014 3133555255 Member Services
9/2/2014 3133555255 Member Services
8/26/2014 3133555255 member services alarm scam
8/26/2014 3133555255 Member Services
8/22/2014 3133555255
7/16/2014 3133555255 Member Services
7/3/2014 3133555255 Member Services
5/22/2014 3133555255 Member Services
5/7/2014 3133555255 Member Services
5/2/2014 3133555255 Member Services - security scam
4/24/2014 3133555255 Member Services
4/15/2014 3133555255 Member Services
4/3/2014 3133555255
3/27/2014 3133555255 Member Services
3/26/2014 3133555255 MEMBER SERVICES
3/26/2014 3133555255 Detroit Mi
2/18/2014 3133555255 V21718535600335
2/10/2014 3133555255 Member Services. Selling security systems. Robo caller.
2/6/2014 3133555255
2/4/2014 3133555255 Member Services
1/28/2014 3133555255 Member Services
1/27/2014 3133555255 Member Services
1/27/2014 3133555255
1/22/2014 3133555255 Member Services
1/22/2014 3133555255 Home Security Scam
1/22/2014 3133555255 Member Services
1/8/2014 3133555255 Member Services
12/20/2013 3133555255
12/16/2013 3133555255 Member Services
12/12/2013 3133555255 Member Services
12/11/2013 3133555255 Member Services
12/10/2013 3133555255 Member Services
11/22/2013 3133555255 Member Services
11/21/2013 3133555255 Home alarm spammer
11/17/2013 3133555255
11/15/2013 3133555255 Member Services

40 comments about 313-355-5255 at
127 call reported from 313-355-5255.
from WI
on 7/10/2015
I received a call from this # today 07-10-2015 whom ever was on line didn't say anything I politely said, I'm giving this # 1 313 355-5255 to the police dept. and hung up!!
from IN
on 7/10/2015
caller ID "illegal scam" says it all
on 3/2/2015
Home security system sales robocall
from WA
on 1/28/2015
We answered the phone, but there was just silence on the other end of the line.
Lukerdog CA
from CA
on 12/2/2014
i've just emailed the help addy stated in previous posts ("Call 307-223-0458 or email to") Hopefully it will be effective. Peace be with you...Lukerdog
from LA
on 10/10/2014
they have been calling up my house multiple times a day and i dont answer but yet they dont stop every hour they are calling
Mr. D
from IL
on 10/7/2014
Just added this number to my blocked number list. Why do people insist on answering or calling back numbers they don't recognize, falling right into the hands of these groups? If it's a legitimate call, they'll call again or leave a message.
from MS
on 7/8/2014
Typical scam. Blacklisted.
from NM
on 5/10/2014
Have DNC - this was early Apr 2014 - My DNC disconnects them very shortly! Do not answer any number not familiar with me and especially with no Caller ID! Plus have call blocker!
from IN
on 5/1/2014
Rings 3 or 4 times and they hang up. Caller ID shows Member Services.
from TX
on 3/26/2014
received call from above number 3-26-14 saying FBI REPORTING BREAK-INS. I hung up. this is not the first call from them
from OK
on 3/18/2014
left no message
from AZ
on 3/6/2014
Scam caller who did not identify herself or the company. It was simply that they were selling upgrades to home security systems and if I was interested, press 1 or if I am not interested in protecting my family or home, press 2. Needless to say I am not following up on it for any reason.
from WA
on 3/4/2014
The creeps called and let it ring forever. I guess they think I'll answer. Ha! Not me. I don't answer strange calls. I'd like to give them a few strange calls. Not to mention a slap across their face. To those of you who call these numbers to stop the abuse. I think you are only opening yourselves up to more abuse from other telemarketers. Sure they will remove your number, but they'll pass it on to others. They make money this way. They are not fooling me.
from CA
on 2/27/2014
A couple of days ago I read Henry and Kent's comment below and called 307-223-0458. I'm back to say it did work to stop the calls!
sick to death
from MO
on 2/18/2014
These scumbags have called three times today. The good news is my call blocker works wonderfully. Keep callin'
from GA
on 2/18/2014
Today's scam was a scare tactic aimed at SENIORS. ROBO CALL. Member Services per caller ID. The called started by "DO NOT HANG UP this is NOT a SALES CALL" the is goes into how many Seniors FALL! We are on the do not call list. They do not care. SCUM of the Earth telemarketers.
p.o. bothered
from FL
on 2/4/2014
phony persistent robo caller
from TX
on 2/1/2014
Home security system scam
from AZ
on 1/25/2014
Called this morning, I answered but no one there.
from CA
on 1/23/2014
Unavailable caller from Detrit. Called 8 x in 30 minutes.
from CA
on 1/23/2014
This number comes up as unavailable from Detroit. Blocked call and they called 8 x in a half hour.
D.M.S Phoenix
from AZ
on 1/21/2014
They called me from 1-313-355-5255 asking if I was the home owner I told them they did not need to know that. They also called from 1-206-743-0952 Also. It was an automated system also as I know the Survey system method of asking questions Do not answer any questions About whom owns your house or cars, this is another scam. They use the criss cross method of information and can find out whom the house is owned by contact the company and hack into computers as they did with Target and Macy's they can also open up credit cards this way.They did this to me in a matter of minutes. Don't Answer questions or give them information of any kind.
from KS
on 1/10/2014
313-355-5255 From Detroit, Michigan, called my cell phone no message left. I didn't answer as I didn't recognize.
from WA
on 1/3/2014
Left message with the same speel for getting a security system for our home.
from OR
on 12/19/2013
Unrecognized number. No message.
from FL
on 12/17/2013
This aggressive company calls several times a day with a message "Did you know that a burglary takes place every 15 seconds?" I hang up before the sales speel is done. You'd think that I'd be a member because the caller ID says Member Services. I'm certainly not a member of their services so this call is illegal.
from TN
on 12/17/2013
I called the number back and it gave me a way to request to be put on their "Do Not Call" list. It was automated and said if I wanted to be placed on their "Do Not Call" list to press 1. I did so. We'll see if it works!
from CA
on 12/11/2013
When is the FCC going to stop these people from mass dialing and hang ups. Sick of it!
Portland Bob
from OR
on 11/23/2013
Call from Member Services hocking security systems. Got a call back number 214-613-3114. Josh answered. wouldn't give me a company until pushed. Monitronics never herd of him. Gave me a phoney 800 number. can you say SCAM. Call him any time. he said this is his private number so call him any time. If we tie up his phone he can't scam anyone. THANK YOU
Sara B
from IA
on 11/22/2013
This is a robo call stating that the FBI reports a home break in every...
from TX
on 11/21/2013
from CA
on 11/18/2013
Without success in stopping these calls, I decided to try out what Kent said and called 307-223-0458 earlier last week. Since it worked to stop the calls, I'm back to say this is an easy fix.
from WA
on 11/16/2013
These folks have been running all sorts of scams for many many years. They will NEVER take you off their list, and if you end up picking up the phone, they will keep calling and calling. They are nasty criminals, and no one seems to be stopping them. They are also very clear, that they can endlessly harass people without any consequences.
from UT
on 11/14/2013
They call several times a day! I just want it too stop.
from OR
on 11/14/2013
They did not leave a message--caller id--Card Services
from WA
on 11/8/2013
Did not leave a message on our recorder.
from WA
on 11/8/2013
Recorded message for home security service. Have pressed 1 to get an operator. Tonight the guy refused to put me on a do not call list and called me a nasty name. Whatever happened to the law that requires them to comply? This is the robo call that says the FBI is reporting break-ins in your neighborhood. They call 2-3 times a day for months now.
from CA
on 2/7/2013
Here's what I saw on another blog that works; There's a do not call service for a small number of companies that call consumers. Call 307-223-0458 or email to Give the caller's number to verify it's on their list of numbers and your receiving number and they'll remove it from the caller's list. It took a couple of days to process but they were able to stop these calls.
from PA
on 11/19/2012
Health Insurance robot call to Voice mail