Phone Number 318-746-1250 / (318) 746-1250

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 9/10/2008.

Number located: Shreveport, LA, USA - Phone company: Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba South Central Bell Tel

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on 4/16/2009

Call from 318-746-1250. There was a live person on the line.
Caller: City Tele Coin.

Don't know these people that we received the call from today, but I wish it would stop!!!!!

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from TX
on 3/28/2013
Yes, it is an inmate trying to call you..they can be incarcerated in ANY state jail..and this is out of LA. the prices they have are sky high..and should be against the law to charge that for one call.
from AR
on 1/21/2013
Received two calls today to our cell phone. whoever is calling alleges to be in Ashley County AR jail. I have no family member incarcerated. Called the number back and "agents all busy and put on hold. SCAM
from TX
on 1/8/2013
Something about setting up an account to cover collect calls.
from MO
on 3/16/2011
City Tele-Coin is what they said and it was a coolect call from "Tom" an inmate ate some prison.
on 2/22/2011
Call came as a collect call from someone named Clark an inmate in upton city county jail. I dont know anyone by that name or even heard of that town.
on 6/29/2009
call came through cell - GD TELECOIN.. we dont know anyone there or in prison. Answered call and got a hang up.
from FL
on 1/17/2009
Call came thru as a collect call.. we don't know anyone in louisianna!
on 1/14/2009
When the call was answered the first time, it was a collect call.