Phone Number 336-722-0292 / (336) 722-0292

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 4/15/2008.

Number located: Winstn Sal, NC, USA - Phone company: Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba Southern Bell Tel & Tel

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on 11/29/2011

Call from 336-722-0292. Answered and got a recorded message.
Caller: 336 722 0292.

said i had a dentest apointment that i would not recover from and something about the great beyond void idk ,but this isnt cool .I got 4 calls in a hour like this

on 5/6/2009

Call from 336-722-0292. Answered and got a recorded message. It was a legitimate business call.

The call was a recording reminding me of an upcoming Podiatrist appointment. Funny, though, as I'm in upstate NY and the call originated in North Carolina.

on 11/17/2008

Call from 336-722-0292. I didn't pick up.

5 called received on Sunday 11/16, at 4:47pm, 5:33pm, 6:19pm,6:40pm,7:01pm !!!!!! The caller did not leave any message. VERY ANNOYING. Who are these people ?

on 11/11/2008

Call from 336-722-0292. Answered and got a recorded message. It was a legitimate business call.
Caller: Doctor's office.

This is a phone service that some doctors' offices use to confirm upcoming appointments.

on 10/8/2008

Call from 336-722-0292. I didn't pick up.

Received two calls from this number within the hour. No message was left either time, I didn't answer since I didn't recognize the number. I looked it up and appears to be Winston/Salem N.C. based number.

on 6/27/2008

Call from 336-722-0292. There was no one (dead air) on the line.
Caller: Doctors Office.

Shows up as "Doctors Office" but no one appears to be at other end

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1/26/2015 3367220292 Doctors Office

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6 call reported from 336-722-0292.
from GA
on 2/1/2011
This number is from a call center that confirms doctor appts.
from RI
on 12/22/2010
Robert, do have a reading comprehension issue? It sounds like the call went to a house line, which the lady was far away from. Anyway, a little caution in an age of rampant CID spoofing is not a bad thing.
from GA
on 12/22/2010
What the???? Answer the dam phone Cassie. If you don't want to talk to whomever, hang the heck up! God what a nation of wimps we have now.
from AL
on 10/30/2009
It's just an automated reminder service that some doctors offices subscribe to. Saves them the trouble of calling you to remind you that you have a doctor's appointment coming up. Not really a big deal, but I prefer a human being from the local office calling me!
on 8/11/2009
left no message at all.
from NY
on 7/23/2009
I was not home, but boyfriend told me a machine called to verify an appt on Thursday (tomorrow.) I KNEW it was not my doctors office because they have a receptionist call to talk to you.....and they said that was strange!!! I will be watching to see if I get anymore calls tomorrow. Since the machine said tomorrow for an appt.