Phone Number 561-860-8923 / (561) 860-8923

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 4/21/2009.

Number located: Delray Bch, FL, USA - Phone company: Paetec Communications, Inc. - Fl

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on 1/20/2014

Call from 561-860-8923. Answered and got a recorded message. It was phone scam.
Caller: collect call. Calling on behalf of: didnt say anything on recording.

It was a collect call from unknown person, urgent call to accept 1.99$

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from OH
on 3/3/2014
Got a call from this number. Said it was an urgent collect call from ann. Ann is also my moms name and it's snowing pretty bad so I freaked out! I accepted but then it asked for my credit card number and I hung up. Figured it was a scam.
from CO
on 11/4/2012
said emergency collect call
from NY
on 2/4/2012
I got a call from this guy on January 30th. I did not answer the call and let it go to voice mail. It came up on Caller ID as "Florida" 561-381-9275 which I googled and it came up as a landline in Delray Beach FL...the voice mail said "Hey this is Greg and I am looking for a good Architect. Call me back at..." Needless to say I did not call back. It appeared to be a scam of some sort based on what I saw in the search results. However, fast forward to today... I received my phone bill. On it was an erroneous charge. A Operator Assisted - Person-to-Person 5 min phone call from Delray Beach FL 516-860-8923 placed on January 10th. This is not the phone number that came up on caller ID but it is the same location and date. Somehow this guy figured out how to scam by placing these calls. I called Verizon and they will remove the related charges from my bill totally $18.67 including taxes and fees. Suggestions: always check your bill and call the phone company if there is some erroneous charge; never answer the phone from someone you don't know as it is displayed on Caller ID; and think twice about calling someone back that leaves a non-detailed unprofessional sounding message (or at least be skeptical).
from AL
on 8/16/2010
this is my childs phone. Im worried about that. what if he had accepted the call? Does he know personal information about my child? should I get the police involved???
from NH
on 4/4/2010
I recently bought and set up a Net10 Cell Phone and found that I am connecting to American Roaming Network. What or who is American Roaming Network? Are they hijacking cell carriers? My phone has the 300 minutes it came with, yet I cannot connect anywhere. These bastards. And there are only 20 of them who work there. And on other forums, I see they are hijacking sprint lines too. Who are these American Roaming Network people that are destroying America's cellular networks? It is damn bizarre.
from NY
on 11/23/2009
so i got a call from this number and it said you have an urgent collect call from jake. i didnt accept the call. they called again and this time the name was jacob.still didnt accept. the creppy thing is my boyfriends name is jacob, but i know hes here at home in washington. i hope i dont get charged for it.
on 10/31/2009
Just recieved the same collect call u did. Didn't accept, static when they said the name. West palm beach, fl #
from IA
on 9/9/2009
Whoever it was wanted me to pay $9.95 charges on the call. Sounds like a scam. There was only static when the recording said "This call is from --- (static) If you accept the call there will be a $9.95 charge on your phone bill"
from MD
on 8/17/2009
Rec'd "Urgent Cell phone" call from "Hey". Said charge would be $2.99, didn't answer
from SC
on 4/17/2009
my boyfriend is using them and i actually was dumb enough and acepted the charges but i have no way of calling him back thats messed up anyone know of help?
from NC
on 3/28/2009
3/23-3-28-2009 Have received several calls from this number. Called fcc and reported and also my telephone carrier is case any charges appear.
from IA
on 3/19/2009
did not answer
from OR
on 2/26/2009
I got this call at 4:29AM, it was collect and the person said their name was David but I did not accept because I know no David and didn't recognize the number.
on 1/31/2009
crooked call
a cab taxi
on 1/31/2009
call came from american roaming network. We hear the Fbi uses them to block calls (not monitor) crooked as heck
from NV
on 12/24/2008
The caller was trying to reverse the charges and in between the operator there was scarry heavey breathing.
on 11/9/2008
They have called saying they have an urgent cell phone message from "what are you wearing" in a whisper. to accept it is 2.99