Phone Number 612-307-5881 / (612) 307-5881

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 10/1/2008.

Number located: Twincities, MN, USA - Phone company: Qwest Corporation

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on 7/30/2013

Call from 612-307-5881. There was a live person on the line.
Caller: Target.

Never had a Target card... never opened an account with target. This is their customer service number. Apparently, the poster before this is also a deadbeat for getting these calls. Person who had our number before us was the deadbeat.

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2/28/2014 6123075881 Target
2/26/2014 6123075881 Target

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from CA
on 9/22/2013
If it is Target, why no message and how did they get my cell phone number?
from IA
on 9/12/2013
I don't owe them a damn thing so don't call people dead beats without knowing what's going on asshole.
from MN
on 12/3/2012
It's Target guest services. More than just a collection dept or pharmacy. The aren't being "sneaky" to "unsuspecting" people, after all, y'all promised to pay them back if they lent you money to buy stuff. Remember???? Deadbeats.
from MN
on 10/17/2012
target collection agency
from WI
on 10/8/2012
This is not Target Pharmacy, it's Target's credit card collection department trying to be sneaky and get information from unsuspecting people.
on 2/26/2009
it is the collection dept. for target credit cards
from SC
on 2/25/2009
I've been receiving several messages a day for the past week or so in regards to the prescription medicines for Target as described below. It's nice to know I am not alone on this but what does all this mean?
from MI
on 2/25/2009
I get calls nearly daily from this number saying that I have prescriptions that have been filled or need to be filled and I have NEVER had a script filled there ever...they even have my name! They call me at work! ACK! What can I do??
No Pharm
on 2/14/2009
Our Target doesn't even have a pharmacy.
on 10/10/2008
Yup, it's Target Pharmacy
from FL
on 9/29/2008
Computer System from Target Pharmacy reminding me a prescription was filled and ready for pickup.