Phone Number 714-367-6660 / (714) 367-6660

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 10/17/2013.

Number located: Buena Park, CA, USA - Phone company: U.S. Telepacific Corp. - Ca

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on 3/27/2014

Call from 714-367-6660. I didn't pick up.

Left A Message About Student Loan Debt, Giving 40% Off To Clear The Debt, I Dont Even Have Any Student Loans. Also Says It Was Something Issued From Obama On 12-13-2013 Or SomeThing Like That, Dont Fall For The Low Life Scum Bags Scam!

on 10/18/2013

Call from 714-367-6660. There was a live person on the line. It was phone scam.
Calling on behalf of: IRS Tax Credit.

They are running fraudulent calls about an IRS Tax Debt I asked them if I could have the number to their legal department, they immediately ended the call.

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4/30/2014 7143676660 California Call
10/18/2013 7143676660 IRS Tax Scam

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