Phone Number 720-452-5556 / (720) 452-5556

Status: Telemarketing. This number is automatically blocked by PhoneTray Pro.

Entry created on 4/6/2012.

Number located: Denver, CO, USA - Phone company: Peerless Network Of Colorado, Llc - Co

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4 PhoneTray users reported (720) 452-5556 as spam
Date Number Name / Notes
4/9/2013 7204525556 Crescent
3/20/2013 7204525556
3/12/2013 7204525556 Crescent
2/14/2013 7204525556 Crescent

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11 call reported from 720-452-5556.
from CA
on 4/10/2013
Crescent Processing Company 12700 Park Central Drive Suite 1100, Dallas TX. 75251 Main: 1.877.233.3376 Fax: 1.877.778.9222
from OK
on 3/4/2013
sounds like a B2B Scam
from OR
on 1/21/2013
They are calling because a business is associated to the phone number and they want to provide you with a merchant sales processing device (you know, the pin pad thingies you slide your credit and debit card through when you make a charge or debt. sale).
Miss T
from CA
on 1/9/2013
Crescent Processing Company 800-618-4428 [PRESS #5 - Respectful male apologized and said my number was now added to their "Do Not Call" list] Additional # from website = 888-376-8509 Call back to 720-452-5556 [Automated msg. = EXT 79999 Cannot accept messages] Third Party Caller for Crescent Processing Company
from WA
on 9/11/2012
Do not call listing obviously doesn't apply.
from NY
on 9/6/2012
Went to answering machine, the man asked for me by name, and shortly afterwards hung up when he got no response.
from WA
on 5/15/2012
Called came from an invalid number. Someone is spoofing caller id. Screw them. Blocked forever thanks to google voice.