Phone Number 760-705-8888 / (760) 705-8888

Status: Telemarketing. This number is automatically blocked by PhoneTray Pro.

Entry created on 8/25/2010.

Number located: Escondido, CA, USA - Phone company: Mci Worldcom Communications, Inc., Ca

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8 comments about (760) 705-8888 from PhoneTray users
on 6/11/2014

Call from 760-705-8888. There was a live person on the line. It was a personal call.

This man called my job, pretended to ask about an application he had placed, then quickly changed the subject to ask about my ten year old daughter and if i would introduce him to her so that he could take her out on a date. What a sick sick individual. I am unnerved that i can not identify this creep.

on 11/3/2012

Call from 760-705-8888. There was a live person on the line. It was a personal call.
Caller: California.

My sister is experimenting with using Gtalk and Google Voice to make phone calls. This was her first attempt at using Gtalk before getting a Google Voice number.

on 3/6/2012

Call from 760-705-8888. There was a live person on the line. It was a personal call.


on 2/23/2012

Call from 760-705-8888. There was a live person on the line. It was phone scam.
Calling on behalf of: Microsoft.

that stupid idiot is using gmail voice mail, as it's free. He annoyed me too, several times, saying that we had virus and that he was from microsoft. Stupid ass...trying to rip off people with poisonned software that he suggest they download so that he can hack or grab credit card numbers. People aught to tell the Google people to do something so that we can trace back those stupid people who use their service and have the law take care of them for fraud and harrassment

on 10/13/2011

Call from 760-705-8888. There was a live person on the line. It was phone scam.
Calling on behalf of: Internet server company.

Claimed their company had received a report that our computer was blocking the internet server. I told him I didn't think so and hung up. I expect he was trying to get me to open up my computer to allow him access.

on 7/23/2011

Call from 760-705-8888. There was a live person on the line. It was a telemarketing call.
Caller: telemarketer. Calling on behalf of: not sure, but wanted to talk to me about lowering my hydro rates.

on 1/5/2011

Call from 760-705-8888. There was a live person on the line. It was a telemarketing call.
Calling on behalf of: I believe it was Sears.

Jan 4th, 2011. I got a call from this number tonight and the person identified themselves calling from what I believed I heard them say Sears Air Duct Cleaning. When I heard the air duct cleaning part I lost it and yelled at them. I am so sick and tired of Sears calling regarding air ducts. I told the woman I am on the DNCL and she is not permitted to call my number. I then hung up on her.

on 9/1/2010

Call from 760-705-8888. There was a live person on the line. It was a personal call.
Caller: Google Mail Voice.

Call display when I called my home phone from Google mail.

29 PhoneTray users reported (760) 705-8888 as spam
Date Number Name / Notes
7/6/2015 7607058888 * PAS LAISSER MESSAGE * A FLUSHER
5/25/2015 7607058888
4/9/2015 7607058888
12/2/2014 7607058888 Google Guy
10/15/2014 7607058888 Unavailable
9/28/2014 7607058888 Unavailable
9/20/2014 7607058888 Google Guy
8/24/2014 7607058888
7/26/2014 7607058888
5/6/2014 7607058888 Unavailable
5/3/2014 7607058888
3/20/2014 7607058888 California
12/2/2013 7607058888 Escondido Ca
9/23/2013 7607058888 Unavailable
8/11/2013 7607058888 Escondido Ca
7/10/2013 7607058888 Unavailable
6/4/2013 7607058888 Unavailable
5/21/2013 7607058888 Escondido Ca
5/13/2013 7607058888
5/10/2013 7607058888 \ \ \ SOLICITOR
5/9/2013 7607058888 Unavailable
4/23/2013 7607058888 Unavailable
4/6/2013 7607058888 Unknown
3/31/2013 7607058888
3/8/2013 7607058888 Escondido Ca
2/11/2013 7607058888
2/7/2013 7607058888 Escondido CA
2/7/2013 7607058888 Unavailable
1/26/2013 7607058888 Out Of Area

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567 call reported from 760-705-8888.
from CA
on 6/15/2016
My dad used to fuck the shit outta me. That's why I make these calls.
from MT
on 10/14/2014
This scammer calls numbers on the national do not call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Their operator is selling off-shore software development services at supposed discount rates. They refuse to provide a phone number or physical address when asked (in violation of the TCPA), but will only tell you that their business is based in Houston and that they have developers in Pakistan. This is clearly a scam, and their operators are clearly not properly educated in their obligations when placing marketing calls. Do not provide this scammer any information.
from WA
on 9/2/2014
They called @ 7:30 AM. Woke me & wife. WHY DOESN'T SOMEONE ARREST THES OFFENDERS AN THROW ' EM IN JAIL???????????
from FL
on 7/31/2014
I did not answer, the caller hung up as soon as the answering machine picked up.
from TX
on 7/7/2014
This number called my elderly Dad saying it was his 'eldest grandson' and that he was in a car accident, killed his friend, and now is in jail for weed possession, can he send bail money. Scam!
from TX
on 6/4/2014
Scamming douche canoes calling after 10 at night. Bugger off, wankers!
Not a Grandma
on 2/13/2014
"Hello, Grandma!" (My mother is NOT a grandmother) "I think you have the wrong number." "No, I want to talk to you grandma." "I'm not a grandma." "Oh I meant NEPHEW!" "What's your name?" "Chris" "And whose child are you?" "Janet's" (We do have a Jenet in our family, but she has ONE daughter named Stephanie) "Janet who?" CLICK BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT
dino cardella
on 2/5/2014
This is that even a scam phone call this idiot had the nerve to call me to tell me how long his penis was and what he wanted to do with it I told him I told him that I clearly I'm not attra with a married wife so I hope you get some psychiatric help this calling people saying how long does his penis is is not healthy
from NJ
on 1/27/2014
This # is from Google. I know this because I called my own cell phone from my computer (Gmail), and this is the # that showed up on my cell's caller id.
from NV
on 12/3/2013
Said he was grandson wanted money, I don't have a grandson
from NH
on 11/25/2013
They have called over ten times. It's annoying
from MN
on 11/5/2013
from IL
on 11/4/2013
I received three calls, one right after the other. Each time it rang for quite a while before it quit.
from OK
on 8/23/2013
Called my place of employment claiming they were with the corporate offices and that a Tony Marshal would be in tomorrow between 11 and 3 to give us surplus work shirts, tshirts and cups from corporate and that they were free we didn't need to pay for them. Then demanded a cell phone number for a 'delivery code'. I refused to give him a cell number and asked if he could email it, he stated it had to be on a cell phone. When I kept refusing to give him any cell numbers he got mad and said he'd call again later. Sounded fishy so I looked it up, same thing as J reported pretty much. Think its a scam trying to either cultivate a database of numbers to spoof, or for them to use your cell numbers to steal money from you by putting extra charges on your phone accounts. Watch out if you get this call!
from AB Canada
on 8/22/2013
I had a phone call this morning from the number 1-760-705-8888 he said it was sending all my information on their server, so he asked if I could open my laptop, but I told him that I don't have my laptop in front of me, he also said that he would help me fix it, I told him I don't have it in front of me, I had a feeling that was scam... Everybody please I'm sure everyone know this number, I think we should call the police about this number. I have the temp to call the police about these people.
from BC Canada
on 7/9/2013
This kid, who sounded no more than 12 years old said "call me back you fuckin bitch! Now isn't that nice to receive! Damn punks!
from MA
on 6/10/2013
These scum have had their names reported over and over on many sites. They are p[lain thieves with no moral compass.
on 6/10/2013
These people are cowards! and assholes! They or their machine called me last night at 11:55, I would have told them where to go and what to do with it but these guys are low life slimy cowards
from MS
on 6/9/2013
Jerks called at 6:49 p.m., left no message. Caller ID showed Escondido, CA with phone number.
from MO
on 5/27/2013
Keep getting calls from this number and nobody ever says anything and when I tried to call it back it says my call cannot be completed! Very annoying!
Jo Ann
from GA
on 5/22/2013
Does anyone know who keeps calling from this 760-705-8888. Any ideas how to stop the calls.
from MN
on 5/20/2013
Started calling at 7:09 AM!!! A new low for telemarketer call - especially since I'm on the do not call list!!
from CA
on 5/17/2013
My friend called me using Google Voice. 760 area code looks weird, though.
from VA
on 5/13/2013
My phone rang around 2:15am this morning. It only rang once and I didn't answer it.
from CT
on 5/10/2013
I got a call from this number 7607058888 over 5 times and even left a compleatly mute voicemail. I blocked the number but it`s kind of scary to get repeatedly unanswered phonecalls between 3:09 and 3:30 AM!! stop it google
from MA
on 5/7/2013
R.H. These Kimelmans have sophisticated equipment to hack into our phones and email so relax. These boys will get caught soon. Hopefully someone will post information on how to bust their heads. I've got a great kick waiting for them.If they ever prank my phone again, the police in my town are waiting.
from FL
on 5/7/2013
Mortgage Sales
Judith Madill
from NY
on 5/7/2013
I would like to know why you rang my phone at4:4:41 in the am?
from CA
on 5/4/2013
called me last night 11:00 pst pm 3 times in in a row. Just missed another call from them. Tried to call back but "call cannot be answered"....not happy to say the least
Buster Scam
from CA
on 4/26/2013
760-705-8888 is the generic Google Chat and Google Voice Phone number all Google chat users are assigned as caller ID, and it is the same number no matter what Google account a person is calling you from. Goggle Voice will use the account number of the caller when they have had one assigned, but for those callers without a Google Voice number assigned, calls from the Google Mail screen report caller ID of "Unknown" and 760-705-8888 Using a GMail account 760-705-8888 appears as caller ID. With the domestic call phone capability in Google Chat, we can probably expect more scam calls from 760-705-8888 to start appearing on our phones. PLEASE NOTE: Some legitimate uses of 760-705-8888 do exist, they could be family or friends trying to call you. NOT EVERY 760-705-8888 call is going to be a scam.
from ME
on 4/21/2013
This is the number that is displayed when someone calls you from Google "Call Phone" app in gmail.
from RI
on 4/20/2013
This is the number that shows when a call is made from a G-mail account using the google call feature. THEY ARE ALL SCAMS !!!! Usually from India or Pakistani person trying to get financial details, credit card details etc. Sometimes will call over and over again 10-20 times in a row. No single source, used by many scammers.
from RI
on 3/28/2013
This number belongs to a complete douchbag named Eitan KImelman of NYC but is also used by his brothers Abraham Kimelman of Brookline, MA and Yaron Kimelman lINCOLNWOOD iLLINOIS to prank people
from FL
on 3/19/2013
I got a call from a telemarketer. I reported them to the Do Not Call Registery. I am on the Do Not Call Registery. However, it is against the law to call someone using a recorded message, and this caller did use the answering machine, so even if I were not on the Do Not Call Registery, it is still illegal to call, and leave a message, so I registered a complaint against this phone number at the Do Not Call Registery at: 1-888-382-1222. Each time they call they have to pay a fine to the government. Also, if they are asked not to call again, they no longer can call again, either, even if I did business with them. I never did any buisness with them, either. This caller told me they got my number from the Internet, and we do not know each other, and had a product I may be interested in that is a Natural Health Item, and to go to a website if interested. I am on the Do Not Call Registery, and it is against the law to call and leave voice messages like this. This is the reason they got reported and I registered a complaint against that number. This company will get fined until the phone calls stop. I do not care who's phone number is calling illegally. If it does not stop, the owner of this phone number will have big fines to pay.
from OR
on 3/15/2013
Received this call last night. I let vmail pick it up. Its someone who claims we know them by saying it's me and then starts to talk about electricity and gas and how we can save, it is something his attorney had told him about etc etc. Gives the site as electricandgas and to check it out , they have referrls and if others sign up, he can make a couple of bucks. I will not go look at the site, it could be a virus or a way to hack into your computer, or a way to access your banking info who knows
from AZ
on 3/4/2013
This *&^^ began pestering me with phone calls at first once in a while then I recieved a letter in the mail about me having an affair with a co-worker (the co-worker was legit but not the affair) not sure how this dick got her name other than maybe a social networking site or work website. The letter was detailed about all kinds of crap we supposedly did together. Total bullsh%*!! I have heard this has happened to a few other people but there seems to be no rhyme or reason for it other than to be a complete douchebag!
from MA
on 2/14/2013
Please stop allowing Keiyoro to play the victim, thanks.
from NV
on 2/4/2013
I screen my calls and my # is not in my full name. Assume they just randomly pick people. I know this area code--Riverside County, CA. I haven't answered (DON'T) and they don't leave VMs. They call @ night: 2/2/13 at 10ish and today (2/3/13) at 7ish. Find a freaking hobby loser! If your # is listed w/the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY and you do answer and they try to sell you something, you can report them @ the website. Please do to help us all out. Good luck all...
from MA
on 2/3/2013
The bastard pranking people from this number is Eitan Kimelman (NYC) of MCI Worldwide Communications. He and his brothers Yaron Kimelman (Lincolnwood, Illinois) and Abraham Kimelman (Brookline, MA) are all part of the scam. Eitan owns Dollar Phones out of Dallas Texas and many other bogus companies. Some of his other bogus companies are Qwest Communications, Level 3 Communications, Teleport Communications, Broadwing Communications, Bell South Communications, etc etc etc. THIEVES they are. BEWARE!!!
Royally Pissed
from OH
on 1/25/2013
They called using an indian accent, saying I came in their store & kicked their dog & that their son gave them my number.
from SC
on 1/16/2013
Called my cell phone three times in just a few minutes. No message left
from TX
on 1/9/2013
daughter put phone number on twitter on 1 Direction page. Caller called posing to be harry from the group called my phone and said he wanted to ask some questions.
R. H.
from MD
on 1/5/2013
i got a call on my cellphone from this number on thursday january 3rd around 3:30 pm. it was a voice recording of this man with a really deep voice saying that he's from the RAAA and that they have proof that i've been illegally downloading music (which i haven't) and that i have to pay some thousands of dollars for it. immediately after, i googled the RAAA only to find a forum about the same scam prank-call i'd gotten. since i knew it was a scam i wasn't really too startled by it until late last night when a close friend of mine got a call from an unknown number asking her specifically for MY contact information. it could just be a coincidence, but it's still pretty creepy...
from CA
on 1/5/2013
This number does not stop calling me. If I answer, no one speaks. If I don't no one leaves a voicemail. They typically call late at night all through the night. Recently, they called me 27 times within a span of 48 hours. FINALLY BLOCKED IT
from BC Canada
on 12/27/2012
they knew exactly who i was..
Andre R.
from GA
on 12/20/2012
Someone is using google phone from their computer to call you it is free in the US and a low cost for international calls no phone needed just wifi.
on 12/19/2012
I just can't figure out who it is.
from TX
on 12/18/2012
wont answer me
Karla Bright
from FL
on 12/18/2012
these calls are annoying me beyond belief
from LA
on 12/13/2012
this asshole keeps prank calling me and being a real douche-bag.
from NC
on 12/13/2012
Google voice. So a free call from a Computer.
from CA
on 12/13/2012
I stopped answering the phone because of these racists. Isn't there laws against it?
from KS
on 12/13/2012
This call came in on my cell phone at 1:45 a.m. I didn't answer it. Later, I'll check to see if the caller left a message.
on 12/12/2012
Said his name was John and that he was sending out tshirts and hats because of a surplus from corporate office and that he needed cellphone numbers to send access code via text. When he sent the first code, it was automated with a code, so I'm thinking it may be legit. Then he asked for a cell # to send second code, gave him that he sent code via text. Then he asked for third # cause he could not send different code to previous #. This time the code he sent was not the code he was looking for, he wanted another #, even a non=employee. Then I asked for his # and he hung up.
from MA
on 12/12/2012
Got a call from this number, answered the phone and there was a lot of background noise as well as a series of beeps like you would get if it were being recorded or something. I said hello multiple times and then finally some guy Responded with hello...then asked me my name. I didn't give it to him and asked for his name then he hung up. Weird.
from CT
on 12/6/2012
The call came at 1.00 AM !!
from OR
on 12/5/2012
This number called me stating that I had responded to an ad on craigslist for a job and that I had to go in at 9am the next day. I got an address from him and when I looked up the address it said that the whole building was empty and available for lease.
n newman
on 12/5/2012
I got a call from this number Saturday, December 1st a little after 5:30pm. I just let it ring and never answered it. I looked it up on google and it shows that its from Escondido, CA. don't know who it is though.
from NY
on 12/3/2012
E scondido caller Id showed ,mamma your computer can crash lol I told him so can yours,and take me off your call scam list you ain't getting nothing here
from MI
on 11/29/2012
This person from this number has ordered me two pizzas and ordered two taxis . This has to stop.
from CA
on 11/27/2012
Shane Beatty Stalker ex
from DC
on 11/27/2012
Weird AA guy can you say stalker.. I travel often to work and this number keeps calling me to set an appt.. I mean is he following me or willing to drive an hr or more just for sum pussy.. Yeah m-KAY I got ya!!!!
from MA
on 11/26/2012
Believe that This # is now being used by a sleazy home-based internet information selling side business type outfit using name "Peak 10 Publishing llc". I have had a very negative experience with this outfit; they run splashy, attention-grabbing ads on various credible websites advertising that they can give you highly secretive & insider information on how to survive a food or energy shortage ,etc. They offer the whole "survival package" of info for only a $7 trial AND they will give you a full 21 days to decide if you want it. Well they sent it out 10 days later, not on time, & still charged my credit card the full price - ALL while going against their promises. When I try to reach them they only will list a email address to email their "support dept" and they will respond. I promptly sent an email to this email address, 3 days later no answer from them. I then get annoyed & start researching how to get a REAL phone # on this sleazy outfit. After prodding around I find a 800 # and call. A cheap old-fashioned style answering machine picks up with no options to speak live to a real person. Just options to leave messages for various reasons then someone will respond back. I leave a DETAILED message, but 2 days later- NO response. Nw VERY annoyed, so I start researching deeper into who this really is. THIS SEEMS LIKE A VERY SLEAZY, SNAKEOIL SALES STYLE KITCHEN TABLE RUN BOILER ROOM OPERATION selling information. DON"T FALL FOR THIS OUTFIT'S PITCH! They just want your credit card & then there is NO intro "trial period"! SCAM
on 11/24/2012
This number is being used by James Matthew Chia 30 yrs old.Qaeda You can google image him. He calls me using it all the time. He actually lives in Mesa Ar izona... He is either using it via Google or Pinger. I am 100% certain it is him.
from NY
on 11/20/2012
call came in at 1:00 a.m. waking us out of a sound sleep. No response on the other end when answered.
Mrs. D.
from MD
on 11/19/2012
Male asked for me by name .... would not identify himself. Said that I gave my phone number to him to call..... CREEPY!
from AL
on 11/17/2012
Try hitting the # key about 5 or 6 times it usually creates interferences that cause the nuisance to drop the call it worked for me. And fyi on a rare occasion if you don't answer and it goes to ur voice mail and you check it only to hear yourself having a private conversation when u were obviously not on ur phone they have been monitoring ur conversation(s). If so save ur voicemail and report it to the authorities and ur device provider . Nope this helps
from IL
on 11/13/2012
Lthis nunber call me today abd none talk but it is calling and saying anything so stop who ever it is pls
from CA
on 11/11/2012
These calls stated just over a month ago just after i evited a drug dealer from my rental unit. The caller asked me how much rent i was chargeing i said its not for rent how did she get my phone number thats when she started curseing at me and i hung up now i get 3 or more calls a week from this number i just pick up and hang up the calls come in at different hous of the day and nite. I googled the number to find this shit. Its crazy but what makes it worth while is i was lucky enough to get the shit out of this bicth the day before she moved out i had caught her in my back yard steeling my gardening tools. And i let her half it i tossed her like a rag doll from one end of the yard to the next. I was surprized how much i enjoyed that. Stupid druggie called the reno pd and they were more than on my side in that she was on my property. Besides that they fell in love with my english bulldog deliela. i just wish she had teeth i could have knocked out.
from MA
on 11/9/2012
Heard fumbling with phone - silence.
Gabby Hall
from UT
on 11/7/2012
This is the number Gmail-google calls leave when not associated with an account. Usually a relative who hasn't charged their cell phone.
from PA
on 11/4/2012
Just got a call from this number today, started to state his name was "Paul" sounded very nervous. I did not give him a chance to finish what he said and hung up on him :)
from IN
on 11/4/2012
call 3 times at 5 am didnt talk then hung up
from IL
on 11/3/2012
This happened 2 times at 4 A.M. and 5 A.M. Couldn't understand. Caller breaking up. I hung up both times.
from CA
on 11/3/2012
from PA
on 10/31/2012
the called a 11:45 last night-scared me half to death
from MI
on 10/30/2012
Called twice, I never picked up. Weird. This caller needs to straighten up, and fly right.
from NY
on 10/27/2012
He knew my name, called and said something obscene. This was related to something personal (I was a crime victim and I am female) that no one would know unless they knew me. I told him if he ever called again, I would call the police. Then I found his info--and texted it back to him! I've blocked his number, so, if he passes a block by fake electronic means (another fake number) it's a felony and he's going to jail.
jim woodworth
on 10/26/2012
called looking for a boat....he wanted a boat that would sink....
from IN
on 10/26/2012
today i went to the store right and there was this creepy guy that was fallowing me around the store right. im with a friend so we leave and hes in the car be hind us. at first i thought it was creepy but thought it was coincidence so i ignore it. later that day i see him again behind me but across town and i was kinda scared and just now this number called my friends house wile i was buizy and a prep girl was asking for me and knew i was hear (im hear at my friends house because my mom had surgery and i needed a place to stay wile she was in the hospital for a few days) caller:hay friend: hay caller: so how is ashley? friend: what? caller:i heard she is pregnant with triplets friend:who is this? caller: ware is ashley? friend: i think you have the wrong number. caller: no, ware is she? friend:....? caller: i want to talk to her. friend: shes not hear and you have the wrong ashley caller: no i don't. friend:....u-hu... *hangs up*
from MI
on 10/25/2012
Received a phone call for the last few days. When I answer they hang up. Would very much like this to stop happening and get an explanation!
Judy D.
from MO
on 10/25/2012
The caller said he was my grandson and was in Mexico, needed money and asked if I could send him some.
from NY
on 10/20/2012
This number is a google voice numberr this boy that I really liked and that reaslly liked me called me and left me af message and ever since I've been trtying to call him back but can't any suggestions?
from CA
on 10/18/2012
Called at 3 am . Rude
from MO
on 10/16/2012
thi freaking person called me at 1oclock in the morning oct16,2012
from OR
on 10/15/2012
Who is calling me from this number?
from NY
on 10/12/2012
I know it was Elliot Wilkinson because I know him and had a conversation with him on the phone.
on 10/12/2012
Calls three times in a row. No answer on the other end. Can't block so I have it set right to voicemail now. Calls in the middle of night.
from CA
on 10/10/2012
this caller claims to be google listing
Alex V
from AZ
on 10/10/2012
left message whispering, prank caller.
on 10/10/2012
I received a call from this number at 6:20 am
from CA
on 10/7/2012
This # called @ 9am (pst), I didn't recognize the # so I didn't answer.. When I listened to the voice message I was a bit disturbed. A man with a hoarse, angry voice said, "Fuck you." .. it really scared me 'cuz the evening prior to this call my neighbor told me there was a suspicious individual lurking around my side yard...
Bob B.
from TX
on 10/7/2012
I got 4 in a row form this number. Definitely not a "lost friend" as they were threats. I called the police. I didn't answer the fourth one, but they left a threatening voice mail.
from MI
on 10/7/2012
caller: hey (name)? me: yes? caller: you have a nice rack me: who the hell is this? caller: nice boobs hangs up.
from CA
on 10/3/2012
I keep receiving calls frm this number i would lke to block it but i don't know how!
on 10/1/2012
Got a call from that number from a lady who called herself anne, she placed an ad on craigs list so I inquired an She called me from that number first which I tried to call back and it did not.go through So I emailed her telling her never mind, she called back with the number 713 417 1945 I anseredand it was the same lady on answering machine. I told.her Never mind not interested in product she posted.....dont know what kind of scam was trying to Be pulled.
from WI
on 9/24/2012
its from someone you know, its free in your google e-mail just answer you phone stupid
from QC Canada
on 9/23/2012
from CT
on 9/23/2012
telemarketing scam, do not answer
from TX
on 9/22/2012
Call came in at 1:30 am......