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Entry created on 9/7/2012.

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on 10/22/2012

Call from 800-388-1986. I didn't pick up.

Contact your phone company and ask how to block these phone numbers. Outside of changing your phone number, you may just have to let it ring. They will stop calling and sometimes it takes a VERY long time. I don't give them my time or ever answer these unknown numbers, EVER. The first time you answer your phone, THEY HAVE YOU! Good luck to all.

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from CO
on 2/23/2013
I'm surprised to see that it might be Bank of America, because BoA has never previously engaged in multiple harassing calls. Perhaps it is a third party working with BoA. This type of pattern -- six to ten calls per day, no message left, is typical of a third-party call center whose calls are being prompted by a computer. They are trained to get a specific response, such as a date by which they can expect money to be sent. If they cannot type in a specific date, the computer program will keep prompting for calls to be made, so if I have no specific date to give them, answering the call will not stop future multiple calls. I see from the comments below that there is good reason to think these people are scammers, which fits, because BoA's collections number is different.
from UT
on 2/20/2013
I received a call from this number but it hung up as soon as I picked up the phone.
from SC
on 2/16/2013
from SC
on 2/12/2013
This is a confirmed Bank of America Number from the loan department.
from MI
on 1/30/2013
They called twice today while I was sleeping. I work nights, so I did not welcome the interruption to my sleep. Both times they asked for my neighbors who live across the street. The number that they had on record for them is my number. I have a BOA account that has never been overdue. They were calling 2 or 3 times a day last week and I didn't pick up, and they wouldn't leave a message. I called the number back and got a phone tree, which wanted my Social Security number. I don't THINK so.... I wasn't born yesterday....
from WA
on 1/9/2013
I'm so fed up with BofA. It doesn't matter how many times you tell them, you will have your payment in by a certain date, they continue to call daily. I've reported them to the Do Not Call Registry several times, and they continue to call.
Bob KNob
from ND
on 12/20/2012
It is legit. It is Bank of America (kinda). It's a firm working for the Bank of America to clean up accounts that are more than 19 days past due on their loan. I wasn't past due. The 800-388-1986 people then transferred me to the actual BOA, where we discovered my loan payment was simply posted to the wrong account.
Suzanne Huffman
from WA
on 12/7/2012
Bank of America (real one) said that a rep could be reached anytime. This is a scam.
from WI
on 11/29/2012
These people call us daily. They claim they are from Bank of America. They know our names and ask us fo r our ss # and address. We've call B of A and they say they didn't call and they would never ask for that info over the phone. Total scam.
Sharon Taylor
from AZ
on 11/8/2012
We filed bankruptcy on B of A and have a letter from B of A stating they know that. They want us to give them the last 4 digits of our social security number even though the bankruptcy was approved and closed.
from TN
on 9/29/2012
Another thing folks, who ever is calling all of us, they begin calling us before we even get out of bed in the morning and call throughout the day and evening. If this were ligitimate, they would be more business-like and leave appropriate messages instead of just hanging up. Something is very fishy about this. Most definitely, this should be reported. My husband is a cardiac, diabetic and geriatic patient and this is disrupting our household. This is a very inconsiderate thing to do to people that they don't even know nor do they understand what people are going through nor do they care. It would be a different story if the shoe were on their foot. I hope they are caught very soon.
from NC
on 9/28/2012
I'm not sure this is bank of america since it is not the normal number they usually call from and also anytime BOA has called they will usually leave a name and number not just yell hello into the phone. . Whoever they are they are very rude. I don't understand why telemarketers and other people calling can't realize that voice mail picks up and that it is not a live person answering the phone. They do a robo call so they don't realize that you haven't actually answered and it is a voice mail box or answering machine. They then proceed to say hello over and over. The people who call from this number yell into the phone hello, hello. One guy even rudely said the other day to someone else (must have been a co-worker) "They think we're stupid...I can hear someone pushing buttons on the phone." I don't know what he was talking about since no one was home and had not picked up. It was voice mail. We are not behind on our mortgage so as I said I am still really wary if this is really BOA. Whoever they are they need to leave a number and name to get a return call.
from FL
on 9/22/2012
They claim to be BofA but they are scammers. They don't leave a message and if you call back, it says "welcome to Bank of America" first and before switching you over to another line, they say "we are a debt collector" really fast. They ask you to enter your account information and/or social security number. So basically they are trying to steal your logon credentials for BofA. If you keep pressing 0, it won't connect you to anyone and will tell you to "call back when you have an account number or social security number". After entering fake 7 digits number, I made it to another voice saying "the account number was not found". After trying twice, it took me from a female voice to a mail voice this time and asked the last 4 digits of the social security number. I randomly entered 4 numbers and it asked me to verify it again. Then it gave me an option to choose from 8 different types of service. Personal banking, business banking, credit cards, mortgage, loans, one more thing I can't remember and to press 8 for anything else. I pressed 0 but it wouldn't do a thing, asking me to choose from the options. Once I entered 8, it gave me a message saying it would connect me to one of their "wealth associates". When a male voice picked up the phone and started identifying himself (false name more than likely), I told him to "never ever call this fucking number" and hung up. I am going to report it to the Federal Trade Commission for Identity Theft as well.
from CA
on 9/8/2012
I'd talk to them if they would just correctly identify themselves. I believe this is something that the telecom regulatory agencies need to do something about. Write your congress critters and let them know that too many scammers are hiding behind the anonymity of toll-free numbers to prey on those less tech savvy than us that know about