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Entry created on 9/27/2011.

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10/22/2013 8004431297 Toll-Free -
6/6/2013 8004431297

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from MO
on 2/12/2013
stop already
David Sanford
from PA
on 11/26/2012
I have no business with this agency or cause that they should contact me about but keep getting messages saying that I should not take the call where others can hear, and proceed to inform that it is an attempt to collect a debt (which I do not owe). The individual gives an "anglo-saxon" name but has an accent so thick as to make the message very hard to discern.
Phone User
from NM
on 3/12/2012
Left message for someone who doesn't live here regarding a debt.
Phone User
from NM
on 3/8/2012
Didn't leave a message. Must have been important.
from OH
on 9/30/2011
800 Service