Phone Number 801-823-2029 / (801) 823-2029

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 4/29/2009.

Number located: Ogden, UT, USA - Phone company: Pac - West Telecomm, Inc. - Ut

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2 comments about (801) 823-2029 from PhoneTray users
on 9/17/2013

Call from 801-823-2029. I didn't pick up. It was a phone survey.
Caller: Survey Sampling International.

If you don't want to hear from these folks, I suggest blocking calls from 801-823-20xx and also 385-207-xxxx

on 8/25/2011

Call from 801-823-2029. There was a live person on the line.

The phone rang I answered , a lady asked to speak to my wife and I asked who was calling and they jung up on me I will file a complaint but I havent seen any action by the AG as of now I havent seen any action by the state. they should go after each caller.

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Date Number Name / Notes
9/27/2013 8018232029
6/28/2013 8018232029 Survey Sampling

28 comments about 801-823-2029 at
47 call reported from 801-823-2029.
from TX
on 3/30/2013
have received several calls....I do not answer
from TX
on 12/29/2012
Phone rang with this number displayed. I answered but no one responded to my "Hello."
from MS
on 11/28/2012
These people call me at least twice a day. I never answer, and they never leave a message. I finally called back just to see who would answer. A recording says they are "Opinionology", a research company.
Cherryl Walker
from LA
on 11/12/2012
Dear JW, these callers are first of all, thieves. They are making money off the backs of innocent people who in this day and age are too trusting and not street wise. Teach others to protect themselves by using Caller ID. If you have Caller ID, and you see a name and/or number you don't recognize, don't answer the call. Simple. Then report the calls to the FCC and/or the FTC, and even your state Attorney General.
from PA
on 11/12/2012
These calls are coming through on my cell phone not my land line. It is on the do not call list. It sounds like these are fraudulent calls. Why doesn't the fcc do something about this crap.
from PA
on 11/12/2012
These calls need to be investigated
from WI
on 9/18/2012
Told me he was doing a survey regarding the election, and asked a lot of questions as far as who I would vote for, my stand on some the issues, and took a profile - religion, times I attend church, education level. THEN at the end he told me he was with the Republican Party research.
from MO
on 6/26/2012
Got a call from these jerks today, got one from 801-823-2030 last evening. Gee......wonder if it's the same anal sphincter?
from VA
on 5/29/2012
Claimed to be taking a travel survey. Asked if I had time to participate.........told them NO and hung up!!!!
from IN
on 2/27/2012
Calls made, but no one responds when the phone is answered. Then a disconnect.
from OK
on 10/15/2011
dont know anything about this one
Quit Calling
from WA
on 5/23/2011
Received 4 calls over the past few weeks from this number. Decided to look online and found this site. No message left, never answered the calls...not sure what they are calling about.
from FL
on 10/11/2010
Western Wats Philippines WesternWats 701 E. Timpanogos Pkwy. Orem, UT 84097 Phone: 801-373-7735 * David Haynes, Chief Executive Officer * Tim Degraw, Chief Operating Officer * Robert Petersen, Chief Financial Officer * Hugh Black, IT Executive Dessert News quote: OREM � Western Wats Center Inc. has paid $500,000 in civil money penalties following a U.S. Department of Labor investigation that disclosed violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act's child labor regulations, the department said Tuesday.
from FL
on 10/11/2010
on 9/17/2010
answered the phone and silent call.
from NC
on 8/26/2010
Some marketting research crap.
on 8/9/2010
no message left 1 call
Barb Schram
from NY
on 7/13/2010
I have received numerous calls from this number. They never leave a message.
Mr J
from MI
on 7/3/2010
Called.. foreigner.. he spoke to my answering machine, and as to speak to me giving me my first, full middle name and last names! Wow.. bet that came off my voter records!
from AL
on 6/30/2010
She (Indian lady) asked for my husband , when I asked who is calling, she said "Blue Cross Blue Shield" (med insurance company)
from TN
on 6/15/2010
Just block their number that's what I'm about to do right now.
from TN
on 6/15/2010
No message
from TX
on 2/20/2010
I received 2 calls to my cell phone from this number. They left no msg. I don't answer unknown calls. Who are these people.
from MA
on 9/4/2009
Will not leave message, even when asked.
from GA
on 8/5/2009
they keep calling my husband, when i ask to have their name and message, the refuse.
michael schmit
on 4/21/2009
called me today, asked for me by name, albeit pronounced horribly incorrect. told hime he had the wrong number. I owe a BUNCH of money so I always assume its a collector. not sure about this one.
from CA
on 2/13/2009
Third call from this number. Caller claims he is from J.D. Powers for a customer satisfaction survey on recall work performed on Jan. 30, 2009. He said the recall had to do with the chassis (which he pronounced CHASE-ISS) on a Freightliner RV. I told him that we did not have any Freightliner and did not have any work done at the location he mentioned. He then asked if he could talk to my husband...when could he call back, what day, what time. It took awhile to convince him that we had not involvement with any recent recall and never owned a Freightliner. I probably would have dismissed this as an incorrectly dialed number, but he asked for me by name. PLUS, unless the word chassis is pronounced differently in Ogden, Utah (location of area code 801, prefix 823), then this may be a SCAM, perhaps to obatain some personal information. I would think that an employee of J.D. Powers doing a survey would know the pronunciation of the word CHASSIS.
from TX
on 1/19/2009
2nd call on my cell number. I don't know who they are so I did not answer. They are out of my area and I WILL not call them back. They did not leave a message.
on 10/9/2008
Says 'Unknown Name'. Jerks