Phone Number 813-366-9800 / (813) 366-9800

Status: Business. This number is automatically blocked by PhoneTray Pro. Caller: Nielsen Ratings.

I use PhoneTrayFree to monitor calls and when a call comes in that I don't want to answer, it gets zapped. Information about the company: "Nielsen ratings are audience measurement systems developed by Nielsen Media Research, in an effort to determine the audience size and composition of television programming in the United States. Nielsen Media Research was founded by Arthur Nielsen, who was a market analyst whose career had begun in the 1920s with brand advertising analysis and expanded into radio market analysis during the 1930s, culminating in Nielsen ratings of radio programming, which was meant to provide statistics as to the markets of radio shows. In 1950, Nielsen moved to television, developing a ratings system using the methods he and his company had developed for radio. That method has since become the primary source of audience measurement information in the television industry around the world."

Entry created on 6/2/2008. Last edited on 10/10/2009

Number located: Tampawst, FL, USA - Phone company: Tcg South Florida

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8 comments about (813) 366-9800 from PhoneTray users
on 12/29/2016

Call from 813-366-9800. I didn't pick up. It was phone scam.
Caller: Nielsen Ratings.

813-366-9800 called 1:54PM on 21 Dec 2016. CID reads Nielsen Ratings. No message. Also calls from (813) 366-9893; Call 800-237-8611 to be removed from list.

on 9/17/2016

Call from 813-366-9800. There was a live person on the line. It was phone scam.
Caller: Nielsen Ratings.

813-366-9800 called 16 Sept 2016 8:57pm. Called 15 Sept 8:04pm. Called 13 Sept 7:35pm and 9:50am. CID reads Nielsen Ratings most likely a scam as many times as they call.

on 4/15/2015

Call from 813-366-9800. I didn't pick up.

stop calling me.

on 3/29/2015

Call from 813-366-9800. I didn't pick up. It was a legitimate business call.
Caller: Nielson Television Ratings.

Yes, this IS a legitimate business, if you have had any dealings with them in the past (either by mail or phone), the DNC list does not apply, or if someone you know has referred them to you. If you want the calls to get through simply add them to the contacts and allow the calls through if not, leave them blocked.

on 6/9/2014

Call from 813-366-9800. I didn't pick up. It was a legitimate business call.

Why is this # being blocked by PTP???????? This is a legitimate business! I received a post card from them a few days ago telling me they would be calling. They are NOT a scam outfit and must be removed from PTP blocking! Only problem I have with them is they don't know how to use an answering machine and didn't leave a message.

on 5/8/2013

Call from 813-366-9800. There was no one (dead air) on the line. It was a telemarketing call.
Caller: Nielsen Ratings. Calling on behalf of: Nielsen Ratings.

Had blocked via the handset (Panasonic with Call Block feature - I transfer them to PhoneTray when I max the phone out) - ended up calling 800-336-6434 and chewing some butt since they couldn't take a hint... Legitimate Business? I don't think so! Unless "legitimate businesses" are ones that ignore the DNC list and pester folks until they invest the time to figure out how to make them go away.

on 4/12/2012

Call from 813-366-9800. I didn't pick up. It was a phone survey.
Caller: Nielson.

I didn't pick up.

on 5/19/2010

Call from 813-366-9800. I didn't pick up.

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Date Number Name / Notes
3/27/2018 8133669800 Survey
3/10/2018 8133669800 Nielsen Ratings
4/12/2017 8133669800 Nielsen Ratings
12/19/2016 8133669800 Nielsen Tv Rati
9/26/2016 8133669800 XSpam - Nielsen Ratings
7/3/2016 8133669800 Nielsen Ratings
6/3/2016 8133669800 Neilson Ratings
1/25/2016 8133669800
12/15/2015 8133669800
8/25/2015 8133669800 The Nielsen Com
7/2/2015 8133669800 Unavailable
6/22/2015 8133669800 The Nielsen Com
5/1/2015 8133669800 The Nielsen Com
4/17/2015 8133669800 Nielsen Ratings
11/25/2014 8133669800 The Nielsen Com
10/13/2014 8133669800 Nielsen Tv Rati
9/29/2014 8133669800 Nielsen Tv Rati
6/20/2014 8133669800 Nielsen Tv Rati
6/12/2014 8133669800 Nielsen Ratings
4/1/2014 8133669800 Nielsen Ratings
1/17/2014 8133669800 Nielsen Ratings
11/19/2013 8133669800 Nielsen Ratings
10/14/2013 8133669800 Nielsen Tv Rati
7/2/2013 8133669800 Nielsen Tv Rati
6/29/2013 8133669800
6/24/2013 8133669800 Nielsen Ratings
6/14/2013 8133669800 8133669800
4/25/2013 8133669800 Nielsen Ratings
4/23/2013 8133669800 Nielsen Ratings
3/25/2013 8133669800 Nielsen Ratings

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DW in WI
from MI
on 10/31/2015
Been receiving calls from this company since filling out a survey for $2. When I called the number listed in one of the earlier comments posted,1-800-366-9800, Gloria answered. I had no more spoken how we wanted to be removed from call list and I was disconnected. May have been poor reception on my part, but I called right back. Gloria answered on the second ring (which is unbelievable these days with computerized menus or being placed on hold-really short waits on both calls). When I asked that my # be removed from call list, she said the service would only last a week (whatever that meant). I said we didn't ask for any service, really don't want any unsolicited service and that we were on the Do Not Call List. She said that since it is survey related, they are exempt from the Do Not Call List. I said, "Regardless, I am asking that you remove this number from your call list as we do not want to receive further calls from them, nor surveys for the remainder of this lifetime. We're asking nicely to discontinue your practice of calling at all hours (as others have stated between 8 am and 10 pm numerous times)." She stated that she will be glad to remove the # from the listing and that it will take between 24-48 hrs to do so. I said that would be fine, however, the next teleworker who gets the unfortunately opportunity to get stuck with talking with us will remember us." Some outfits hate hearing the Heavy Breathers and Heavily Accented so they can't understand us responses, and we are both limited hearing so asking for repeated repeating as well out of necessity will hopefully put them off some more......waste their time - but hey, they called us after our friendly request not to do so.
So fed up with it
from AL
on 4/16/2015
We have been receiving these calls from Nielsen every day now for the past two months. They will call two or three times a day, sometimes as late as 9 pm. Years ago, we did a radio survey for Arbitron (which Nielsen has now bought). A few years after that time, we started receiving the phone calls from them, asking us to do a survey. I answered the phone one day when they called and told them we were not interested in doing the survey again. They kept calling for a while longer, but the calls finally stopped. Again, they were calling several hours after the 9 pm mandate for sales calls....I can remember a few of the calls happening after 10 pm. This time with Nielsen, I got fed up with them and "fixed" those folks up and gave them a taste of "their own medicine". I called the 800 # back and once someone answered, I just remained on the line and didn't say anything, other than having music playing in the background. I did that several times and got a hold of different individuals before one very oriental-sounding lady threatened to "turn me over to security" if I continued to call. I guess they realize now how we all feel getting calls from them multiple times a day with no one on the other line.
K in Florida
from FL
on 2/22/2015
8:29 PM CST they called the land line but never leave a message. Earlier this week they called about the same time per the caller id and we were sleep. Lucky we didn't wake up to answer it. They been calling daily for the last few weeks at different times of the day but we don't answer unsolicited phone calls. They don't get the hint for some reason that we don't want to talk to them.
from TX
on 8/9/2014
called numerous times over the past few days -- if they are legimate, they don't know how to use a answering machine, if they aren't too bad, I've now put this number on call block
from TN
on 6/9/2014
The 01/15/14 note from Missouri is totally WRONG! This is a legitimate business. I got a post card from them a few days ago saying they would call me. Only problem I have is they don't know how to use an answering machine. They are a LEGITIMATE company contrary to that 01/15/14 note. They might be a pain but they are NOT a scam caller!
from NY
on 4/21/2014
Very annoying. Several calls a day. Spoke to someone twice and told them not interested take off list!!!
from NY
on 1/21/2014
from MO
on 1/15/2014
This is NOT and I repeat NOT Neilsen ratings!!! It makes me so mad that people who "pretend" to be from them get on these sites and claim to be representing and in defense of the corp. it boils down to this: They are paid to say they are someone they are not by unnamed dummy corps that go to lengths you could not believe to stay hidden, moving all the time using new phone numbers with the same fervor as a germiphobe washes their hands! I am as of this date $28,654.14 invested in attorney's fees, phone calls, certified letters, and other companies who dig in the dirt that unscrupulous businesses use to misrepresent themselves with elderly, disabled and terminally ill patients, such as myself and prey upon the weak and uninformed. Knowledge is power and you have to stay one step ahead of these low-life's. I use them term loosely and with more consideration than they deserve! ANYONE can purchase the software necessary to become someone on your caller ID that they chose to make you believe. My contact info was sold through a slimy college student at a teaching university where I am receiving treatments for cancer who was pretty tech savvy and accessed the data files on all of the patients with insurance companies who paid much better than federal and state funded government programs. YOU are RIGHT! IT is illegal and it is happening to someone else as I type this. I hope to take out as many slime balls as I can before I am through fighting for my life. At least I won't have just rolled over and let it happen and not try to fight. Good luck to you all and keep on the look out for this kind of problem. Together we all learn from each other and get smarter and stronger.
from WA
on 8/16/2013
They have called a total of 4 times this week! 3 of those calls was today alone! Lets see if they call again....I've heard about Nielson TV on Family Guy, and it's a waste of time! We are on the DO NOT CALL list! They need to quit harassing us! This is ridiculous!
from ME
on 7/31/2013
They called at 8:28PM and I didn't happen to be home so they got to talk to my voice mail. I listened to the short recording of a lady who seemed confused. Apparently their system took my outgoing message as a real person and transferred the call to her. From what I gathered from her brief message, she was doing a survey. Past experience with this company would indicate that it was likely a survey about TV. I dropped cable almost two years ago with the idea of going to a satellite provider. I found that I didn't miss TV at all nor did I miss the massive amount of commercials and never have reconnected. If Nielson wants to call and talk to my voice mail then I can do the single finger delete. It's good exercise and does provide some satisfaction.
from WA
on 6/11/2013
How do I get these people from calling me? They call every day.
from CT
on 6/10/2013
They keep calling, even though they have been asked several times to remove our number from their list
from TX
on 5/31/2013
So, every time we answer a survey, or sign up for a sweepstakes, or donate money to whatever cause, our numbers get sold to everyone under the scamming sun? I have gone through my bank accounts, credit cards, and other "membership" sites and found the privacy section. I check off the do not let 3rd party subsidiaries call me or send me mail, or e-mails. And from now on, I am going to give out the phone number of the any police department when asked for a number. (Just kidding... even I can't be that cruel. I will give them my fax number)
from TX
on 5/31/2013
They call everyday! Leave me the eff alone! I barely watch TV as it is!
from VA
on 2/15/2013
This company calls and calls and calls....UNTIL you do something about it. I just called 1-800-336-6434 and had to do it twice and the second time I actually got a really nice living breathing person. I asked him politely to remove us from the list and he did. Thats all it takes. The phone call that actually prompted THIS call was from a loud female who started talking so fast it took me two times to cut her off. I had to get rude with her and she sounded all sad and dejected after I told her to stop calling. I would HATE to have her job. But anyway, if you want them to stop calling, thats all you have to do.
from TX
on 1/28/2013
I did not answer.
from TN
on 1/24/2013
Nielsen Media or Nielsen Ratings has no business knowing what i watch on tv or what brand i use or where i shop. And their survey was unsolictited. My number is listed in the national do not call database so therefore they have no business whatsoever contacting me. These people are criminals who break the law and the law should do something about it.
Julia Hall
from OK
on 1/23/2013
No matter what time they call, which is quite regular, they hang-up, whether I answer or let answering machine get the call.
on 1/8/2013
This is Nielsen Media or Nielsen Ratings. They are calling to find out what you watch on TV mostly. They will also ask questions about other things like your shopping habits and brand preferences. As for some of the comments below that say this number-813-366-9800 is not Nielsen, you are mistaken. One person said it was a company pretending to be Nielsen who were actually a debt collection agency, but they called from 800-366-9800. While the numbers are similar, they are not the same. I have no doubt that debt collectors would use this tactic to get you on the phone to attempt to get some money from you, but that's not Nielsen's fault. Also, those people that said this could not be Nielsen because their company headquarters are in New York, you are also mistaken. Nielsen is a GLOBAL multi-billion dollar company. This phone number is from their offices in Tampa, Florida. If you don't want to answer their questions, just block them or call the toll-free number 1-800-336-6434 and ask to be removed from the call list.
from IA
on 11/12/2012
This is NOT Nielson, it is a debt collection service using a spoof through Pacific Telecommunications in California to spoof the Nielson caller ID. 800-366-9800 is a number that is registered to Pacific Telecom and they sell the number to spammers, bill collectors and worse to use to spoof caller ID modules. It happened to me (they were actually calling for the couple who had my phone number before me... they hung up when they found out it wasn't them...) and here is an article from Wikipedia saying it happened to more than 50,000 other people; "In June 2012 a search on Google returned nearly 50,000 consumer complaints by individuals receiving multiple continuing spoofed VOIP calls on lines leased / originating from “Pacific Telecom Communications Group” located in Los Angeles, CA (in a mailbox store) in apparent violation of the FCC. Companies such as these lease out thousands of phone numbers to anonymous voice mail providers who in combination with dubious companies like “Phone Broadcast Club” (who do the actual spoofing) allow phone spam to become a greater and greater problem, if not huge at this point."
from TN
on 11/4/2012
Received calls from this number. Caller ID says Nielsen TV Ratings. I wasn't interested in the survey and blocked calls from that number. Then, we started getting calls from them as an unknown name/number. My husband answered and told them we weren't interested in participating last night (SATURDAY night) and they called again SUNDAY morning! I told them I wasn't interested in participating and was really getting annoyed by this time. As others have suggested, I called 1-800-336-6434 and asked to be removed from their call list. Lady said my number would be removed. Will see. I am also in the Do Not Call Registry.
from GA
on 11/3/2012
Caller Nielsen TV Rating? If true, how did they get everyone's phone numbers? What private business gave it to them? If you don't want the sharing of customer data, Opt out of disclosures. Many Companies do not disclose who their 3rd parties are... If it was Nielsen, they called at least 11 times? Why? Rather than cold calling customers, Internet providers, in order to market to its customers, are putting specific software on home computers and can even see what brand of TV Americans use! No respect for customes--FTC knows about what type of information is being gathered. Data is gathered in the name of the economy.
from IN
on 10/3/2012
I called Nielsen Ratings and told them to take my phone off their list!!!! # 800 336 6434. Everyone receiving a call from the above # 813 366 9800 should call the 800 #.
on 8/27/2012
Got calls from this number eveyday and no messages.
joelle adams
on 6/23/2012
They have called EVERY night for a week without leaving a message. That's the last time I fill out a survey for $1.
from AZ
on 6/16/2012
i'm with verizon and for alot of people this might work good for you.Under your security settings set it where only"contacts only" can ring your phone.What is so good about this is the fact that if someone calls you from a phone# that is not stored in your cell phone the person will be directed to your voice mail and if it's someone really legit really needing to talk to you they'll leave a message and your phone will notify you that a voice mail was left,whats better is the fact that your phone doesn't even ring when the idiots call and most likely they won't leave a voice mail anyway,so far i've reduced unwanted calls on my unlisted cell phone to zero"0".Just set your incoming calls to "contacts" and leave outgoing and messaging set to "allow all".works for me!.Again this blocking feature works on the device it self and anyone calling from whatever nuumber can atleast leave a voice mail message instead of ringing your cell phone device like grand central station.By the way,even by my cell phone not ringing it will log calls that were blocked and i can quickly check that on my cell phone just to see if it's a number i might reconize,but i only check that at the end of the day. kevin from: sierra vista,arizona
from KY
on 6/11/2012
Nielson Ratings keeps calling, I am on a no-call list and they will not stop. I have asked them 6 times that I answered the call to quit calling. They have called twice a day for over 2 weeks.
from NY
on 5/26/2012
No message left on the machine.
from WA
on 4/13/2012
I didnt answer it, but first it showed as Nielson on the caller id and then 4 hours later it showed up as unknown number and then called 30 minutes later with same unknown number on caller id, but same 813-366-9800 all times.
from NC
on 2/10/2012
This is not a telemarketer. It is Neilson tv ratings. So far they have paid me $35 just for answering my phone and filing out a card for them. If you get the opportunity to use the I highly recommend it.
on 10/27/2011
i keep getting calls from this number and i'm getting over my 3rd open-heart surgery so i took my answering machine and where i record my message i just made it dead silence now when they call and answering machine kicks on they hang right up, all my friends still knows that if the recorder kicks on they can still leave me a message and i will get it....what were calls from this company have gone from 6 a-day down to 2or 3 a week
from AZ
on 5/23/2011
This is Nielsen TV Ratings, probably asking if you would like to participate or following up on the rating package sent out to your home.
from FL
on 2/3/2011
This company, Nielsen Media, has called my house every day and night for the past week. I finally picked up the phone, mad as hell that they have invaded my privacy and do not call registry, and told the woman on the other end that she had better not call this number again...and she said "Mam, this call is recorded". You know that is really chutzpah! To call my home and then make it seem that I am the intruder! I just wish I could have reached through that phone and slapped her! I know she's an employee, but anyone who would take a job interrupting people's lives for their own private agenda has to be nuts!. Nielsen you should observe the DO NOT CALL registgry!
from NM
on 2/1/2011
I called 800 336 6434 and they said my number would be removed within 24 hours. Thank you for posting the number for removal.
from TX
on 1/28/2011
We never answered any mail, phone calls, or survey or showed any interest, yet they call several times a day. Might be scammers phishing for a live line, faking their number, and using the Neilson name...
from NV
on 12/17/2010
What is the point of being on "the do not call list" if scum like this can still get your number and call? I never received anything in the mail for Nielsen TV Rating and if I had I wouldn't have mailed it back. Anyone that works for this so called company or as a Telemarketer I would like to inform you that you are the lowest of the low. And you should expect to get chewed out for what you do because believe it or not WE DON'T WANT YOU CALLING US WITH THIS CRAP! They are calling me on my home phone I use for business at all hours of the night and I am SICK OF IT!
call them back
from NE
on 11/2/2010
You can call neilsen ratings back at 800 336 6434. I called to have my number removed.
from FL
on 10/17/2010
no one on the other end, hung up
on 10/3/2010
this rating go's for a three are four times a day caller must really need my rating or there might be three are four phone lines they need a rating from...enjoy the ride....
from TX
on 9/26/2010
They called me like at 11:34 AM today and when I answered some man told me they were Nielson T.V ratings. I told him I wasnt interested but he kept talking as if he didnt hear me so I just hung up. I never sent in a questionaire nor did I say I was intersted in their study. They have been calling me for 2 weeks now & this is the first time I've heard of this nielson Ratings. So I dont know what they want since I've never had any contact with them.
from TX
on 7/10/2010
I called the number listed by Nielson Friend and had my name removed. Hopefully they will stop calling
from PA
on 6/17/2010
I've been getting called by this number at least once a day for a couple of weeks. I had received a postcard in the mail saying that Nielsen Ratings would be calling me. Then they did (with their name on the CID), and I told them I did not wish to participate now or ever. Since then the same number, with "unknown" in the CID now, still calls me once or twice a day. I just double-click the phone to disconnect the call, and I may report them as a DNC violation if it keeps up much longer.
from IN
on 5/3/2010
I called the 1-800 number listed to remove my home business phone. The person (who barely spoke English) starting arguing with me and telling me that my number was on a residential list. I repeated quite emphatically that it was my business number and to please remove it. The person said it would be removed in 24-48 hours. We will see.
from WI
on 5/3/2010
yes, this is nielsen t.v. ratings, they will only call you after you send them back a questionaire (that for me, included $2.00 cash) and telling them you are interested in doing their t.v. study. They will then call the phone number that you gave them on the questionaire you sent back, just basically verifying the info you provided to them on the questionaire. Then on this phone call you will be getting from them, they will then ask you if you still are willing to participate in their ratings study and if you say "yes", They will send you diaries to conduct the study at home along with cash, for me they sent me $30.00. Hey, why not?, it is a free $32.00! For those complaining about these calls, either you, or someone that knows your info and is trying to pull a prank on you, sent this questionaire back to the company telling them you are interested, if not then how could they possibly get your phone number? - Think about. Or just do like me and say yeah, sure, I could use an extra $30.00 ! and just do the stupid study for them. How can anyone pass up a chance to get $30.00 cash in the mail?!!
from FL
on 4/30/2010
pissed off
on 4/5/2010
It is amazing to me, that even with my phone number being on the "National Do Not Call" registry, how many "unknown name' and unsolicited calls still come in. This one 813-366-9800 came up "Unknown Name" and the message left was only "clicking sounds" for about 10 seconds. Annoying!
from FL
on 3/27/2010
Why does the phone company allow "unknown name" "Unknown number" when we pay for Caller ID?
mike and liz
from NV
on 2/11/2010
this is our cell phone 813-3669 without the 1 or 800 , people call 24 7 saying is this nielsen ratings we say nooooooo. what number are you calling and its a florida /verizon phone , we have sprint provider and our area code is 702 we are out in vegas, we had boooooooooocoooooooooooos of hangup today and its driving us nuts filing complaint with fcc.
on 2/4/2010
I don't remember what I did to get on Nielsen's list. But they call me too. I actually called them back and took a quick survey. Twice a year, they send me books to record what I watch on TV for a particular week. They give you $30.00 for participating and it gives you a chance to help out your favorite TV shows. 30 bucks isn't much money, but I participate because I want my favorite shows to have higher ratings.
from MO
on 1/23/2010
We received a call from Nielson also. We are on the Missouri no call list, so how did they get through? Guess that it doesn't work!!
on 1/21/2010
The people that do the TV ratings are called The Nielsen Company, not Nielsen Ratings. Their office is in New York. The phone number I've been called from for "Nielsen Ratings" is in a Florida Area code. I do beleive there is some scam work going on, not sure how the 5 dollars ties in though
from FL
on 1/19/2010
They called, I didn't answer and found this website instead. They have previously sent a package with $5 cash in it to me to fill out a form and send it back so it is likely related to that (I did send it in and kept the moolah). From what I have seen below, I don't think they run an effective marketing campaign. It appears that the only people that would answer would be naive people who don't screen calls - and this is what sets advertising rates on tv! No wonder this country is going down the drain - our commercials are directed towards idiots, the smart people are skeptical!
Bill Brewer
on 1/8/2010
Sure wish to hell they would stop calling me. I have tried to phone this number to ask to be put on their "do not call" list but cannot get connected. bb
on 10/14/2009
We are getting calls from Neilson Ratings about every day and want it to stop. We answered and told them no more calls but that didn't help. So I called 1-800-339-6436 and actually got a real person! She tried to talk me into doing a survey, I told her no I just wanted my number removed from their list. She took my number and said she would remove it.
from TX
on 10/3/2009
By the way, my mother was tapped by Nielsen last year to record her TV watching habits. They not only left her a message, they also mailed her a packet to participate. Whoever this is does not seem legit. If they keep asking you to call other numbers, don't do it. It could be a scam to charge calls to your phone number. Check your phone bills if you were duped into making separate calls. I used to work for AT&T wireless. This was a common scam even 10 years ago.
from TX
on 10/3/2009
Received a call from 'NIELSEN RATINGS' 813-366-9800, but I did not answer. No message left. I logged into my online voice over IP account (VOIP) and put them on my call block list. We'll see what happens.
on 7/23/2009
They're still calling, left a message today on my machine though to tell me that I would be finishing with my diary on Wednesday...they seem to think they sent me a diary where I was supposed to be documenting my television watching habits. Funny, never got anything from them...well, except for too many phones calls to count!
from TX
on 7/6/2009
7 1 09 received a call from, he said, Neilsen Ratings. 813-366-9800 I told him I was not interested and I hung up!
on 7/2/2009
They call me between two and five times every day. They never leave a message on my answering machine. You'd think after a month of getting just my answering machine every single time they call they'd get a clue and stop calling!
from OH
on 7/1/2009
Kapow in the face, Nielsen Ratings. You dial my home hoping to use my time to help you make money. I don't pick up the phone. You dial my home several days in a row, while I'm trying to get some work done, so I block your calls with my phone's handy-dandy block feature. But still the calls come in, ringing once before the block program stops it. To stop the interruptions, I decide to get my name taken off the list. The caller ID reads 813-366-9800. When I dial the number, I get a recording telling me to call 813-366-6434. At that number, I get another recording, telling me to dial 813-366-3000. At that number, someone finally answers, the same Southern male voice as on the recording. I tell him I want to stop the calls to my home. He tells me to dial 813-237-8611. I tell him I have dialed three numbers already and I will dial no more. He says that's the number I have to call. I sputter and say, "You guys... run a low-class operation." He says he's sorry I feel that way, but that's the only way he can help me. I hang up without responding. I take a deep breath and dial the fourth number. Beee-boo-bop. "This is a nonworking number." Assholes.
from TX
on 6/3/2009
I called the phone # on the Caller ID and got a recorded message, which included a toll-free # for obtaining further info. I called the toll-free # and requested that my phone # be removed from the Nielson calling List. After only a little hassle, the lady said she would remove my # "immediately". (We'll see........... At least, she was very polite.) The TOLL-FREE # is (800) 336-6434.
from AZ
on 4/25/2009
Didn't answr - no msg.
on 4/21/2009
4/16/2009 8:33pm, Caller very polite and said he was with the Nielson Ratings and asked if I would like to participate in television viewing for one week. Asked if he had the correct address as to where to mail. Before sending me the survey he needed to get demographics. Age bracket (how many over 18 for number of surveys to send), race, if I had cable, dvr, income (refused to disclose). Said the information would be received in the next couple of days to start the survey on Wednesday (tomorrow). Have not received anything.
from WY
on 4/15/2009
I just treat these kind of calls a being on MY DO NOT ANSWER LIST. If these kind of call center is not going to read the do not call list or claim they are exempt so be it. I can deal with the 4 rings and letting my answering machine take over.
on 4/13/2009
Be careful - when you cash the check they will have your cking account number!!!!!! when you endorse on the back...becareful a scam
from CO
on 4/6/2009
Receiving numerous calls from this number, started every night around 8 pm, now get them all day long, no one on the other end. Reported to cell phone carrier.
from CA
on 4/5/2009
I have received 3 phone calls from this number. One at 7am. No one is ever on the other line. When I say, Hello, no one answers.
from CO
on 3/23/2009
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from NH
on 3/21/2009
This company does not ever leave a message. I have not picked up the phone because I screen my calls. They have called beyond normal hours a company should call. One time they called at 9:34pm on a weeknight - unacceptable to me!!!! I am usually in bed and that is NOT OK to be woken up by a phone call from some company I haven't ever heard of!!! I have reported them and reported the time they called as it's passed acceptable/lawful times!
on 3/14/2009
These people are really unbelievable! They called me all hours of the night, (once at 11:15pm). When I picked up their calls I would get a dead line then they would call again an hour later and I would get the dead line again. This went on several times a night for weeks. Finally I got an customer representative and I asked her very politely to remove me from their calling list. She argued and I just kept repeating my mantra in a clam and relaxed tone. Usually this works but this just infuriated the representative and she started to personally attack my intelligence and then she made the mistake of threatening me. I admit I lost it at this point and there were words thrown and voices raised on both ends. I'm not proud of my behavior but low and behold it worked. She hung up and I haven't had a single call since. The Nelson Ratings company is rude, inconsiderate and at least one of their employee's have anger management issues. Shame on this company for their unprofessional behavior!
from TX
on 3/10/2009
I got a call from these ppl back in jan 2009 and just last week i got their survey in the mail with $5.00. The think is i never took their on the phone survey cause when they called i told them i couldnt talk that i had a kid that was crying and hung up and so i am wondering how they got my home address when i have a unlisted number. My name isnt even in the phone book but they can get my home address. well now starting today i have recieved 4 calls from them starting at 9:13am. I have each time told them that i am not interested and to take me off their do not call list and its like it goes in one ear and out the other cause after i am done and go to say have a nice day they start asking me how many tvs i have in my home and if their is children in the household. i hang up on them and dang if they dont call back later and ask the same thing. And the $5.00 they sent me i had our local shariff take the money to the bank to see if it was counterfit cause i didnt know who this company is. I just told the shariff that if it wasnt counterfit he could keep it for his troubles but if it was i gave him the stuff they sent me in the mail so that something could be done about it. I just wonder how many more times i have to tell them to quit calling and its non of their business how and if there are any kids in my home.
from DC
on 3/6/2009
Research companies are exempt from the do not call list. I used to work for 2 different research companies & one being Nielsen. It is like a sales job where you are required to call a certain amount of households per hour and they don't count dialed numbers, they only count actual call contacts. So a researcher would have to call about 100 phone numbers per hour just to get 5 or 6 interested participants and then you can't be slow about the collection of data either. The hardest part is that most people think you're a telemarketer and do mean things like say they're going to get someone and then never come back. They feel better but you get in trouble since you didn't meet you hh/hr requirement. So keep this in mind for both those looking for work and those receiving research co calls. I participated in this survey (since I'm sympathetic) and received $15. Cool now participants get paid, nice incentive.
from VA
on 3/6/2009
Answered the phone yesterday.. told them not interested, do not call again. They called 6 times today, I let the phone ring but they didn't leave a message on all six calls. I called them, they gave me an 800 number to call... they said they'll get me off their list. My point is this: why didn't they just stop calling me after I told the "researcher" the first time! Do they have more rights to my phone than I do? This company, NIELSEN RATINGS should not be exempt from the do not call list, they are actually worst than telemarketers! I think that they are putting out bad data anyway, they don't really listen.... I distintly remember that I told them I was not interested at all in what they are doing, yet they interpreted it as "call this person over and over again"!
on 2/28/2009
I keeped get calls 2-3 a day. I finally called 1 800 336-6434 and the lady I spoke to was very nice. She said she would have me removed and that it would take up to 24 hrs. for calls to stop coming in. I hope it works.
from NY
on 2/25/2009
These people are calling every day but never leave a message. grrrr. People do work ! If *it is* the Nielsen Rating people they are out of luck. I read in the evenings and watch very little tv. Local news for 1/2 hour in the morning to find out if school is canceled or delayed and 2-3 shows *total* during prime time during the week.
from CO
on 2/24/2009
I called 1-800-336-6434, talked to a very nice lady and she removed my number from their system. No hassles at all.
David M
from TX
on 2/21/2009
These Nielsen Ratings people are a pest. They have been calling every day for weeks now. I don't answer the phone, because these kinds of gimmicky companies want a huge amount of your time answering surveys or they want to sell you a product that you don't need. (i.e. They want your time or money, or both) I signed up for the donotcall list, because these companies are such an annoyance. Of course some of them slip through the cracks, because they are "non-profit", but this is maddening. After two or three tries they should stop, not day in day out for several weeks. I wish there was a law that would punish these companies for using your own land line to torment you.
Getta Clue
from NC
on 2/11/2009
Nielsen doesn't get. Their calls are unwelcomed but they persist on trying to call me anyway. I am also on the Do Not Call Registry and have filed a complaint against them.
from MD
on 1/31/2009
This was a nuisance call. I don't answer it anymore (Nwankama Nwankama).
Geneva Choate
from IN
on 11/19/2008
This number has called my house everyday for about two weeks and I have told them to stop calling me. Please take care of this immediately or I will seek counsil. They call every day wether you answer or not and if the machine picks up they hang up and call right back. All hours of the day and night. It is getting old and I didnot agree to take any survey. Now phone harrassment is against the law and I have a very good attorney. Thank you.
Nielsen Blows
from TX
on 10/29/2008
They've called every day for the past week. I've answered every time and told them I'm not interested in sharing my TV viewing habits with them. They clearly don't take no for an answer. "I told you no every day you've called, I'm telling you no now, and when you call tomorrow and the next day the answer will be no again." What use is the no call registry?
Ms. Gimbel
from NY
on 10/12/2008
They just called me and I was nude save for the curlers in my hair. They told me they wanted me to partkae in their survey and I told them to please not discuss this with me whilst I am nudend. They persisted and I told them I was a lady and to please avert their eyes and never to call me again. At that the operator brusquely hung the phone up and didn't even wish me a good day. This is who the Neilson people really are and I wanted to share it with you.
from NC
on 9/23/2008
I was called tonight by a man claiming to be from Neilson Rating. He gave me a website and a pin to complete a survey. It would take 40 minutes and he would send $10.00
on 9/4/2008
They hangup when you answer
from WA
on 8/10/2008
A lady said that I would be paid $10 to take a survey at using a pin that she gave to me. She said it was a 40 minute survey. It took me 70 minutes, and I did not find out until the very end that there would only be a 'thank you'. But, they have some software that they will pay you to install and let run. $50 every six months for that. I'm not interested in having additional software doing God knows what, they only said that it runs during idle time reporting my usage to somewhere on the net. It's bad enough that our government want's to install something like this into each of our lives, but to also allow private outfits to do so? Maybe we ought to stop outsourcing our freedom!
Donald Morris
from IL
on 7/6/2008
How dare them calling my house interupting me while I am watching NASCAR...I answered them by saying, This is the POLICE Department, they hung up quickly...
from PA
on 6/27/2008
Since 31 May 2008 we have seen 14 predictive dialed calls, usually masked as "unknown name". It took them two weeks to openly identify on CID as "Nielsen Ratings". The calls have increased in frequency steadily. Years ago I was pretested for possible inclusion in the ratings family program. I suppose my off-average, selective viewing habits prevented acceptance. But the fellow running the survey was polite and I don't recall a near-daily push to find a 'live one' like this month. What could they want so badly to be so bothersome?
from FL
on 6/25/2008
hang up
from VT
on 6/21/2008
I have found this number on my answering machine over 8 times in the past week. I didn't recognize it and started to avoid it. Just found this website to find what I could learn.
K. T.
from MO
on 6/20/2008
I just registered a complaint with the Do Not Call Registry. Suggest anyone else having trouble with this number do the same.
K. T.
from MO
on 6/20/2008
They call at least once a day. Haven't answered yet. Our family doesn't watch television. Guess I'll have to tell them that so they'll leave us alone. Although I shouldn't have to since my number is listed with the national Do Not Call registry. I guess their polls are more important than the minor fines they could get slapped with for ignoring it.
from CO
on 6/19/2008
incessant and annoying
from ME
on 6/17/2008
They've called every single day for 2 weeks while I'm at work. All I hear on the machine is "Hello..hello... good morning!" It's like they think someone picked up and don't know they are talking to an answering machine. I called them back last night and asked them to STOP calling my house. I have an unlisted # which I pay extra for and am also on the Do Not Call list. I was advised that they are NOT a telemarketer and that residential numbers are public information. I told her they WERE a pain in my ass and to take me off their list NOW. She got mad and told me not to speak to her that way and I said I wouldn't be speaking to you at all if you would take me off your LIST!! She said it would take 36 to 48 hours. We'll see.... If I get another call I'm going to mess with them and answer all questions like a crazy person. I'll say I only watch the Sex channels or something like that.
from PA
on 6/16/2008
I have been through this before with other corps.FORGET what you have just read--it will NOT work.Only one thing works. Its takes a little while, but its worth it. First, do NOT answer the phone, for any reason. Do not let your answering machine answer it too.If you do the computer knows that your number is a up and running number. Thats all they want to know, so they keep calling you.If you have caller id like i do,you must disconnect your machine from answering the call completely, so it just keeps ringing. After a while, the computer red lines your "bad" number. It doesnt pay for them to keep calling you, it cost them money.They consider your number a dead number. It might take a week or so, but they will stop when its not cost effective for them. It worked like a charm for the other 5 crappy numbers. Go for it-do not answer, do not talk--period.
from OR
on 4/17/2008
Called yesterday as "Nielsen Ratings" and today as "813-366-9800". Please take us off your list, or any list you're associated with and Don't ever call again!
from FL
on 4/17/2008
Pathetic company... Get a life and stop calling people. If we were interested in taking your stupid poll/survey, we'd call you. Every morning 'round 9am for past 2 weeks.
from NV
on 4/16/2008
2-3 calls a day. I never answered--figured they would get the message and stop calling. No luck---Finally called 1-800-336-6434 spoke to Rose and told her to put me on their do not call list. She said it was a honor to be asked by Neilsen to participate but she would take me off the call list. Said it takes up to 48 hours but it would be done.
A. White
from NM
on 4/15/2008
They have been calling me periodically for the last couple of days. Last night they called me at 11:00 PM EST. They have the same area code as a relative. I couldn't grab the phone in time to answer so I just called my relative back on my cell to see what he wanted and discovered it wasn't him when I woke him up!
from AK
on 4/14/2008
won't stop calling despite my request for them to stop
on 4/11/2008
They have been calling my number for the last couple of months every day even though my number is unlisted and unpublished. I finally answered today and told them I don't have time for this crap and hung up on him. I now have my caller-id device set to reject all calls from that number.