Phone Number 813-388-8431 / (813) 388-8431

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 8/24/2013.

Number located: Tampanth, FL, USA - Phone company: Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Fl

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Date Number Name / Notes
11/27/2013 8133888431 V126134404000270890
9/20/2013 8133888431 Wireless Caller

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3 call reported from 813-388-8431.
from CA
on 9/25/2013
The man on the phone said they had an opening with their company because someone had retired and if I was interested in a job. I told him I already had a job. He asked me if I was interested in making several thousand dollars a day. I said not really.
from Canada
on 9/25/2013
Obnoxious woman unwilling to tell me how they got my contact info. I explained that they were violating several federal laws and she hung up. I've received several calls and they have refused to remove my number from their database which is also a federal violation of laws.
from IL
on 8/23/2013
Caller said from BBS, they don't leave messages on several recent calls. I answered just to see who it was, they said good Friday and asked for RC and will make it brief. I did one better and said thank you and hung up... I am not sure who BBS is, but think they are looking to sell something in the Learn to Internet Marketing area? The do not call list takes 30 days or more to implement and must of fell off their list after a few years. You may need to enter your numbers again, including any recent cells purchased. Beware of any sites visited that ask for phone number(s) these maybe be supplied to third party clowns like them.