Phone Number 818-756-7488 / (818) 756-7488

Status: Telemarketing. This number is automatically blocked by PhoneTray Pro.

Entry created on 5/10/2012.

Number located: Van Nuys, CA, USA - Phone company: Pacific Bell

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2 comments about (818) 756-7488 from PhoneTray users
on 4/18/2014

Call from 818-756-7488. I didn't pick up.

they call 4 or more times a day

on 4/18/2014

Call from 818-756-7488. I didn't pick up.

they call 4 or more times a day

17 PhoneTray users reported (818) 756-7488 as spam
Date Number Name / Notes
3/20/2016 8187567488 Isa Research
12/6/2015 8187567488 Isa Research
10/27/2015 8187567488 +18187567488
7/18/2015 8187567488 Isa Research
4/23/2015 8187567488 Isa Research
12/15/2014 8187567488 Isa Research
9/16/2014 8187567488 Isa Research
5/2/2014 8187567488 Isa Research
4/20/2014 8187567488 ISA RESEARCH
1/19/2014 8187567488 Isa Research
11/23/2013 8187567488 Isa Research
8/20/2013 8187567488
7/20/2013 8187567488 Isa Research
5/31/2013 8187567488 Isa Research
5/31/2013 8187567488 Unknown 5/30/13
3/26/2013 8187567488 Isa Research
1/30/2013 8187567488 Isa Research

23 comments about 818-756-7488 at
66 call reported from 818-756-7488.
from KS
on 5/6/2015
Callms me every day. Hangs up on me if I answer. When I call the number it is a voicemail for some Interview company.
from CA
on 10/22/2014
Me llamaron, la voz de una mujer muy joven, solo me dijo que estaba haciendo una encuesta,sobre mi comunidad, le dije ok, aunque su area es de el condado de los angeles y yo vivo en el condado de orange, bueno solo me pregunto cuando nacio, le conteste un año que no hera de cuando yo naci y me dijo.... Ok, gracias y colgo, muy rara esa llamada
from CT
on 10/8/2014
A female called from this number at 7:35PM on Tuesday, October 7, 2014. She was very difficult to understand. I think she mentioned something about Connecticut Light and Power. I lost my patience and hung up on her.
from MN
on 8/23/2014
Calls daily but leaves no message.
from NY
on 4/30/2014
Call from ISA Research. I answered after the third call in two days (left no msg the first 2 times). She asked to speak to person responsible for utility bills. I said Put me on your Do Not Call list please. She said she wasn't trying to get me to switch utilities. I repeated Put me on your Do Not Call list please. She said the list is only for telemarketers & they're not selling anything. I repeated a third time. She said the list didn't apply to them but thank you and she hung up.
from WA
on 1/17/2014
They have been calling every night for the past few days but never leave a message. I never answer a call I don't recognize. After the third call, I added the number to the 'call blocking' feature on my phone. However, they continue to call....twice tonight thirty minutes apart.
from CA
on 8/8/2013
no one answers
from OH
on 7/31/2013
Calls come a couple of times a day and someone just breathes heavily into the phone.
from CA
on 6/20/2013
Received a call on 6/19 at 6:23PM. caller left no message. Caller ID showed ISA Research
from CA
on 4/28/2013
Calling at all hours from 7am to 11pm for two weeks now. Never leaving messages. One time I answered and the woman said that they were "calling for Arbitron, the radio ratings people, to ask about working tv sets". I hung up without a word. The calls continue.
from FL
on 4/12/2013
They are a marking scam. Represented themselves as Chase Bank. Beware!
from MN
on 3/25/2013
Call 818-756-7397 to stop the calls.
from CA
on 3/13/2013
Unknow, left no message. Caller ID: ISA Research. Called at 8:00pm
from CA
on 1/21/2013
Usually get annoying calls during dinner time.. This call was at 9:30 PM.
from LA
on 12/6/2012
I've gotten several calls from this number and they never left a message. When I did answer he told me he was calling for Sirius Radio. First, he knew my name. He asked me a few questions that I gave vague to, then told me that they filled their quota on people from my age group and I didn't need to complete the survey. He said thank you and hung up.
from HI
on 11/14/2012
Got a call from this number. Not even sure how they got my phone number. No message left. I called back because I was curous after seeing this page. Message said they were a product researching company. Weird. I left a message with my info and not to call me again or I'd be using other methods to block their calls. We'll see what happens.
from CA
on 11/14/2012
This company works does surveys and focus groups on behalf of clients which is why they call saying they're from different places.
from CA
on 10/4/2012
This number annoyingly calls me all the time
P Pahl
from TX
on 9/21/2012
Numerous calls over the last few days and finally left a message, want to update a survey.. Wish they would stop calling,
on 9/16/2012
called me. I didn't answer. no voicemail msg left. shows as a California number.
Just Joe
from PA
on 9/16/2012
Two calls in less than 24 hrs. No message left either time.
Rob R
from RI
on 9/14/2012
Called me several times and left no message. Once, I answered and they claimed they were from the Associated Press doing a political poll and would send my $5 for my troubles. The next time I answered, they claimed they were from Lehman Research with the same pitch. You'd think if they were scamming you, they'd at least use a different number each time!
from CA
on 7/25/2012
multiple calls from the number day after day - 4 times this evening alone. Never leave a message