Phone Number 818-756-7488 / (818) 756-7488

Status: Telemarketing. This number is automatically blocked by PhoneTray Pro.

Entry created on 5/10/2012.

Number located: Van Nuys, CA, USA - Phone company: Pacific Bell

2 comments - 11 spam reports - 21 comments at

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2 comments about (818) 756-7488 from PhoneTray users
on 4/18/2014

Call from 818-756-7488. I didn't pick up.

they call 4 or more times a day

on 4/18/2014

Call from 818-756-7488. I didn't pick up.

they call 4 or more times a day

11 PhoneTray users reported (818) 756-7488 as spam
Date Number Name / Notes
9/16/2014 8187567488 Isa Research
5/2/2014 8187567488 Isa Research
4/20/2014 8187567488 ISA RESEARCH
1/19/2014 8187567488 Isa Research
11/23/2013 8187567488 Isa Research
8/20/2013 8187567488
7/20/2013 8187567488 Isa Research
5/31/2013 8187567488 Isa Research
5/31/2013 8187567488 Unknown 5/30/13
3/26/2013 8187567488 Isa Research
1/30/2013 8187567488 Isa Research

21 comments about 818-756-7488 at
58 call reported from 818-756-7488. According to 20 reports the caller is ISA Research.
from CT
on 10/8/2014
A female called from this number at 7:35PM on Tuesday, October 7, 2014. She was very difficult to understand. I think she mentioned something about Connecticut Light and Power. I lost my patience and hung up on her.
from MN
on 8/23/2014
Calls daily but leaves no message.
from NY
on 4/30/2014
Call from ISA Research. I answered after the third call in two days (left no msg the first 2 times). She asked to speak to person responsible for utility bills. I said Put me on your Do Not Call list please. She said she wasn't trying to get me to switch utilities. I repeated Put me on your Do Not Call list please. She said the list is only for telemarketers & they're not selling anything. I repeated a third time. She said the list didn't apply to them but thank you and she hung up.
from WA
on 1/17/2014
They have been calling every night for the past few days but never leave a message. I never answer a call I don't recognize. After the third call, I added the number to the 'call blocking' feature on my phone. However, they continue to call....twice tonight thirty minutes apart.
from CA
on 8/8/2013
no one answers
from OH
on 7/31/2013
Calls come a couple of times a day and someone just breathes heavily into the phone.
from CA
on 6/20/2013
Received a call on 6/19 at 6:23PM. caller left no message. Caller ID showed ISA Research
from CA
on 4/28/2013
Calling at all hours from 7am to 11pm for two weeks now. Never leaving messages. One time I answered and the woman said that they were "calling for Arbitron, the radio ratings people, to ask about working tv sets". I hung up without a word. The calls continue.
from FL
on 4/12/2013
They are a marking scam. Represented themselves as Chase Bank. Beware!
from MN
on 3/25/2013
Call 818-756-7397 to stop the calls.
from CA
on 3/13/2013
Unknow, left no message. Caller ID: ISA Research. Called at 8:00pm
from CA
on 1/21/2013
Usually get annoying calls during dinner time.. This call was at 9:30 PM.
from LA
on 12/6/2012
I've gotten several calls from this number and they never left a message. When I did answer he told me he was calling for Sirius Radio. First, he knew my name. He asked me a few questions that I gave vague to, then told me that they filled their quota on people from my age group and I didn't need to complete the survey. He said thank you and hung up.
from HI
on 11/14/2012
Got a call from this number. Not even sure how they got my phone number. No message left. I called back because I was curous after seeing this page. Message said they were a product researching company. Weird. I left a message with my info and not to call me again or I'd be using other methods to block their calls. We'll see what happens.
from CA
on 11/14/2012
This company works does surveys and focus groups on behalf of clients which is why they call saying they're from different places.
from CA
on 10/4/2012
This number annoyingly calls me all the time
P Pahl
from TX
on 9/21/2012
Numerous calls over the last few days and finally left a message, want to update a survey.. Wish they would stop calling,
on 9/16/2012
called me. I didn't answer. no voicemail msg left. shows as a California number.
Just Joe
from PA
on 9/16/2012
Two calls in less than 24 hrs. No message left either time.
Rob R
from RI
on 9/14/2012
Called me several times and left no message. Once, I answered and they claimed they were from the Associated Press doing a political poll and would send my $5 for my troubles. The next time I answered, they claimed they were from Lehman Research with the same pitch. You'd think if they were scamming you, they'd at least use a different number each time!
from CA
on 7/25/2012
multiple calls from the number day after day - 4 times this evening alone. Never leave a message