Phone Number 864-308-2051 / (864) 308-2051

Status: Telemarketing. This number is automatically blocked by PhoneTray Pro.

Entry created on 8/19/2013.

Number located: Spartanbg, SC, USA - Phone company: Suncom Dba T-Mobile Usa

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5 PhoneTray users reported (864) 308-2051 as spam
Date Number Name / Notes
6/4/2014 8643082051
8/31/2013 8643082051 Spartanburg Sc
8/28/2013 8643082051 Unavailable
8/19/2013 8643082051 "Unavailable"
8/19/2013 8643082051 Unavailable

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2 call reported from 864-308-2051.
from SC
on 9/30/2013
Rec'd call from this number after 11:00 a.m. today. I did not answer when my Caller I.D. showd "Unknown Caller." I assumed it to be a scam call. I am from Easley, SC. Why won't the Fed. step in and put a stop to these annoying calls??
from SC
on 9/27/2013
I found what this number is! Copy and paste this web address: It's an identity theft scam. Crooks! Not politicians! I didn't take the bait... maybe they are politicians too!
from SC
on 9/27/2013
This caller plays a recording that says they will GIVE me $3,000 worth of groceries. They've called a LOT!! Must be a marketer trying to get folks to sign up for food stamps. The feds are going to own all the farms now that they've nearly taken over all the hospitals! Not buying my vote!