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Entry created on 4/17/2008.

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on 9/22/2008

Call from 866-477-6707. I didn't pick up.
Caller: IPSIS Corp.

They call here every day, several times a day for the past 6 mos. I do not recognize the company so I never answer. I GOOGLED the number and found this web-site. Next time I will answer and will them to take me off their call list, I hope that works!

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from AB Canada
on 9/23/2009
This # keeps calling at work and when i phone back the message is in french?
from ON Canada
on 7/17/2009
calls come all the time from this number but no one every picks up on the other end when we answer.
from WI
on 5/29/2009
Several times on caller ID while at work. No messages were left. Even if we were home most likely would not have answeredas we also generally don't answer numbers we don't recognize.
from Canada
on 3/5/2009
they said that they are researching. they wanted to ask somequestions.
from ON Canada
on 7/31/2008
I used to work at this place - the one in ottawa!!! IT SUCKED! BUT HEADS UP TO ANYONE GETTING PHONE CALLS FROM IPSOS : if you hang up, they will call back. Again and again and again. If you don't want to be bothered you must said "please take me off your list" - If the staff does not hear the word "list" they WILL NOT REMOVE YOU. Phrases such as "fuck off" or "don't ever call me again" doesn't work! And you may be on a national DO NOT CALL LIST - but those apply to telemarketers and IPSOS is a survey company and they have their OWN Do Not Call list! And if there is no answer when they call, they will call back. If they ask for someone, and you say they are not there, or don't wan't to talk, they will call back. They only way to escape them is to do the survey (IPSOS NEVER SELLS ANYTHING - ALL I EVER DID THERE WAS DO STUPID SURVEYS!) or you have to tell them to put you on the DO NOT CALL LIST! Good luck all.
from NC
on 7/17/2008
from ME
on 7/9/2008
I have had two calls from this number today and I have no clue who is calling. I do not answer calls from numbers and companies I do not recognize. Does anyone know who this is that is making these calls?
from 00 Puerto Rico
on 5/4/2008
Did any of you ever use your phone to vote for some kind of poll? For example, who do you think won the MSNBC debate tonight? If you did, this is where they got your number from.
from SC
on 3/19/2008
There is a delay for them to answer you after YOU answer as it is an automated dialer. They do marketing research. It took approx. ten minutes for me to listen and answer questions for the survey.
from QC Canada
on 3/17/2008
I received this call (on my caller ID) about a hundred times from 8am to 9h30 pm since about a month. I call back and it's Ipsos, a company that makes surveys, just can't have them not to call back !
from KY
on 3/10/2008
I got called to my place of business 9 times this past Sat & Sun and left no message. It's a comany phone and they bug people at a place of business. This just doesn't stop at the home anymore.
from MA
on 3/5/2008
I called the number back 18664776707 and received a recorded message about "Ipsos" if you listed to the whole message you are able to leave a message - I requested that they do not call my home again. I'm not sure if this will do any good - but give it a try. ;)
from MA
on 3/4/2008
Called 3 times in a short amount of time but left no message - what good is the "do not call list"???!!!
Lynn Speer
from NH
on 2/23/2008
Called twice tonight and several times in the preceding days...I don't answer if I dont' know who it is.
Turk 182
on 2/22/2008
They call 5-6 times a day - everyday! Next time they call we plan on connecting the phone wires to the local hydro-electric grid and sending 120,000 megawatts through their entire network. With a little luck it will burn the place down.
from KY
on 1/30/2008
they call all the time and never say anything. They are annoying!!!!
on 1/5/2008
This is so annoying. If you call it back and listen to the prompts you can get to some chick's mailbox. I've left messages twice now asking to not be called and finally reported them to the FTC.
Mary Jane
on 12/29/2007
It is the itsus corporation I called them to find out.
from QC Canada
on 12/19/2007
Polling cie, called at 9:15pm on a weekday
on 12/14/2007
Did anyone actually read what the Do Not Call List covers? The DNC List does not cover; Political Calls, Charity Organizations, Companies that you have done prior business with and marketing/research firms. You have to tell the people that call that you want taken off their call list. Now what we all need to do is start writing letters and e-mails to our state representatives and tell them to stop campaigning via recorded phone calls or using call centers. In your correspondence tell them that it will cause you to look at other candidates who know that people do not want to be harrassed with recorded political calls, etc.
from PA
on 12/14/2007
I asked the woman for her name, and I asked for the phone #, told her I was on the do not call list. She said they have there own do not call list and my # was computer generated and it called me. i repoted them to our state and federal do not call list. I have already received $ for reporting these types of phone calls and will continue to report them. DO NOT CALL IS DO NOT CALL! DUH!!!!
from ND
on 11/21/2007
They asked if there was a male or female over 18 to answer questions on a survey. I told them I could. They asked 3 questions and then said that their quota for my answers was full and hung up.
from MA
on 11/6/2007
I don't know I even answered it this time, but the caller said she was from Associated Press. She asked a bunch of normal questions then asked me my income range. I could swear I heard her voice from another faked polling organization (about Boston radio). She only seemed interested in my income. This is pretexting. It is illegal. Does anyone know who these people really are? What are they up to?
from QC Canada
on 10/16/2007
Received a call from this number, then they hung up.
on 9/11/2007
who are these people?
from QC Canada
on 8/8/2007
He/she called me and no message left.
from Canada
on 6/18/2007
Rec'd call here in Canada, they left no msg. Called back and got IPSIS (Institute for Policy Studies and Information Services). Must be a pollster or survey firm. Dead air calls likely the result of calling multiple numbers at once, 1st to answer gets the call, all others get dead air. Might have to hook up the Tele-Zapper again...
on 6/14/2007
One person named "Sarah" called asking for me to take a survey, when I said I was busy, they asked when to call back. A few minutes later, the same people called, this time a woman named "Diane" I simply hung up.
from OH
on 6/6/2007
someone called and wanted to know if we were a business and then wanted to call back later. But they hung up on us.
from MI
on 5/10/2007
Phone rang, no message left. *69'd it. Call was from 866-477-6707. Filed a complaint on the National Do Not Call website. All you need to know is the number to file a complaint.
In South Texas
from TX
on 5/5/2007
Call today from 866-477-6707 (May 5, 2007 at 2:34 p.m. Central Time). No message left. Phone rang again (4 rings) and caller ID said "no data sent." I did not answer either time.
Frank F
from TX
on 5/5/2007
Just got my third call from ipsos.Two diffeant #s 866-477-6707 and 877-477-6713. It's almost 9:00pm. If they call again, I'll answer the phone and politely ask them not to call me again. If ipsos ever calls me again I will go off on these annoying SOBs.
from ON Canada
on 4/21/2007
This number hascalled many times, never any message left, calls on week days and weekends. I don't answer because it's not a number I recognise, and I don't like it when the caller ID shows "Unknown Name".
from PA
on 4/3/2007
Ipso Poll for Associated Press. Thanks to this site I knew what to expect. The caller was polite and went through a rather lengthy poll about many topics ranging from politics and approval of Bush, Congress, and Pelosi to household electronics and services used, to support/opposition of proposed ban of ivory in African nations. The questions were not obviously biased in any way, which was the primary reason I answered and went through the survey.
from QC Canada
on 3/31/2007
well, they called to conduct a survey. I hang-up while she was talking :)
from QC Canada
on 3/30/2007
Wants to know when is a good time to call and who to speak to for an 8-9 minute questionaire. From a government group
from TX
on 3/29/2007
Called frequently these days. Don't know who they are and no msg left.
from TX
on 3/18/2007
I received approximately 6 calls today from this telephone number - this is Sunday, totally distrubed my day of peace and quiet! No idea who this numberr belongs to, no ID either, left no message ever.
from NC
on 10/21/2006
Maybe they were doing a Poll for the upcoming elections - BUT - I told him to go "F" himself and hung up the telephone. A DO NOT CALL LIST means I DO NOT WANT TO BE CALLED for this type of sh&T!!!!
on 10/18/2006
This company or person has been calling for about the past three weeks. I recognize the inbound call and don't pick up. Usually I do get a message that says something like: "This is Jack Marshall, this is not a sales call.. you must return my call by 5pm today... I have left repeated messages and you have not returned my call... blah blah blah"... I don't have a clue who it is and since they are too rude to leave any information about who they really are they can kiss my a**. We have flawless credit so I know it is not a bill collector. Probably some sales person... they must be getting pretty desperate in the telemarketing business is all I have to say!!!
Uncle Buck
on 10/11/2006
Supposedly AP with a survey. Heavy Indian accent.
from PA
on 9/27/2006
This is annoing! I think this is SBC. I am not sure, but they call me for about 3-4 times a week. I am not their customer and do not want to. How to stop them to call me?
from NS Canada
on 9/24/2006
Twice today, same number called, as they have before today. No message, no caller IC name, so, no answer
from TX
on 2/14/2006
When I answered they refused to speak. They also do not leave messages, as they called while I was out and left no message on my voice mail.