Phone Number 866-575-4108 / (866) 575-4108

Status: Business. Caller: Walmart / Sam's Club. Calling on behalf of: Walmart / Sam's Club Pharmacy.

It calls to remind you to pick up your medicine. Call back from the number that's getting the calls and select option 3 to have your number blocked.

Entry created on 1/18/2010. Last edited on 1/20/2011

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on 4/11/2014

Call from 866-575-4108. Answered and got a recorded message. It was a legitimate business call.
Caller: walmart.

Joe Tang, lets see is I havethis right. You won't take their "DOPE" because you can't sue them? By the way not all part ti e walmart employees are on welfare. Did you ever think some of them work just because they want to? Quit insulting them. Whats the difference between wamart employees and GM employees. The wholeGM company went on the dole from tax payer so they could continue to keep their over paid union employees in a job. Huh? I'm not hating GM employees, they work hard, but so do walmart employees. Yes I buy that "dope" at walmart. Its cheaper there.

on 4/2/2014

Call from 866-575-4108. Answered and got a recorded message. It was a legitimate business call.
Caller: Walmart Rx.

@Joe Tang Joe, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you ! LOL .. switch to decaf, then order a clue via Site to Store - free delivery !

on 4/7/2012

Call from 866-575-4108. Answered and got a recorded message. It was a legitimate business call.
Caller: Sam'sClub\Wal-Mart Rx.

Sam'sClub\Wal-Mart Reminding Us That A Family Member Had A Rx That Was ready To Be Picked-Up & The Amount Of Rx

on 1/20/2011

Call from 866-575-4108. I didn't pick up. It was a legitimate business call.
Caller: Walmart / Sam's Club. Calling on behalf of: Walmart / Sam's Club Pharmacy.

It was a recording to remind to pick up prescription. When I called back their system gives you the option to remove the phone number from getting calls. You have to call from the number that's getting calls and select option 3. I imagine you can tell the pharmacy to block your number, too.

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2/12/2016 8665754108 Not Provided
11/29/2014 8665754108 +18665754108
9/16/2014 8665754108 Wal-Mart Pharmacy
9/13/2014 8665754108
8/13/2014 8665754108 Toll Free Call
7/14/2014 8665754108 +18665754108
1/17/2014 8665754108 Walmart Pharmacy Automated
11/21/2013 8665754108 "Toll Free Call"
11/18/2013 8665754108 telemarketer
11/10/2013 8665754108 Toll Free Calle
10/24/2013 8665754108 Toll Free
5/4/2013 8665754108 Toll Free Calle
5/3/2013 8665754108 Walmart Pharm
3/28/2013 8665754108 +18665754108
2/13/2013 8665754108 Toll Free Calle

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from CO
on 3/7/2016
Nothing wrong with this number, it's Walmart Pharmacy using the phone number in your profile to notify you prescription is ready.
from AL
on 2/12/2014
I do not and have never used Walmart Pharmacy. I believe this spam!
from PA
on 2/3/2014
It is Walmart Pharmacy. I never signed up for their alerts and have opted out both manually and asked to bed by voice. FRUSTRATING!
from KS
on 10/20/2013
This is the Walmart Pharmacy automated calling system. It provides an option to opt out if you do not want to be called to be notified of medications that are ready.
from PA
on 8/30/2013
I tried calling this number back and get a recording that states "This number is no longer in service." If this were Walmart pharmacy, I wouldn't be getting a disconnected recording, and it likely wouldn't show up as TOLL FREE SVC.
on 8/21/2013
Just letting you know that your Pharmacy prescription is ready. Joe probably has a phone number that was previously registered to a customer of the pharmacy. They won't call you unless you provide your phone number. As for caller ID, Wal-Mart uses an internal phone system at their home office that is then routed out. This is a number they are routing through and the caller ID system as it is does not recognize origination for routed numbers.
Happy camper
from CA
on 8/2/2013
I appreciate the call letting me know my RX is ready. With is joe tang talking about. I think he forgot to take his meds.
joe tang
from IL
on 7/27/2013
I don't even take Rx Medications as the Supreme Court says that Drugmakers are not liable for any damage their potions cause,and you cannot sue them anymore.They called with Rx updates? On my CELL PHONE when I have never or will never use their dope.Don't try to find anything out,I wasted time by pressing 3 to opt out and the gave a number 800 925 6278 to call.It was a waste of time because it is a robot and no matter what the choice you need an account number or get the bums rush by the robot.I called the local WalMart as the robot advised and asked why is WalMart calling me on my cell phone? She wanted some account number I don't have and said I can opt out.I told her the dope they sell there has no liability if it injures me and I would never use it.Why did they call me if I am not a customer.Then she hung up all frustrated.That's the corporate America slave wage answer is to just hang up on people if you ask a question they can't answer.What joke they are.Shame on us for letting it come to this.Go to hell Walmart.We're tired of paying for welfare for your part time employees that still qualify for welfare because WalMart is too cheap to pay a living wage.
from MO
on 2/15/2013
Don't business put the name on out going calls any more. A big company like wal-mart you think they would want people to know who is calling. It is not a prank call so why not put your name on there. This is a special medicine my wife needs. wasted alot of time looking on here for the number when we could of been going after the meds.
Bill Hoffman
on 2/13/2013
I haven't dealt with Wal Mart pharmacy in at least 7 years.
from TN
on 2/7/2013
These are calls from Walmart letting you know that you have a Rx that is ready to be picked up. We had to ask to receive these calls after so many failed attempts and partial refills. Now they let us know so we dont have to bother them several times a day.
from FL
on 1/17/2013
If you fill prescriptions at Walmart, simply add Walmart Pharmacy and phone number 866-575-4108 to your contact list and when they call you will know who it is and can answer.
from GA
on 1/10/2013
866-575-4108 is used by Wal-Mart to send pick-up notices to cel phones. If the phone number being used for cel notices is not a cel phone, you receive calls without any messagees. Contact your Wal-Mart pharmacy and verify the phone numbers being use for cel phone and land line notifications. Also, if you are using the cel phone option, the land line may not be in use - verify when you call Wal-Mart.
from VA
on 11/16/2012
These calls are from Walmart Parmacy. I just got 2 of them. When I answered I heard nothing from the other end. I think this is their regular notification system that tells your your prescription is ready - their normal procedure. They probably have a glitch from time to time and no message plays after they dial and connect.
from NY
on 7/19/2012
got a call from this number on my business phone. I don't even do business with walmart
from MO
on 5/18/2012
I didn't know this was WalMart Pharm., so did not answer the calls. They let it ring over 25 times, hung up, then did it again. Finally, it immediately called back and let it ring non-stop. When I found out online that this is WalMart, I answered but no one was there. Maddening!!!!! They have to figure out a better way to do this. One option would be to allow the caller be shown as WalMart Pharmacy, not some anonymous ID.
Carol J
from RI
on 5/10/2012
It is Walmart Pharmacy...they call when your medication is ready...
from CT
on 3/21/2012
Why doesn't WALMART identify who's calling ,instead it always shows up as 'TOLL FREE CALLER'so we never pick up. We do fill prescriptions with them and appreciate them calling but not in this form !
from NC
on 3/10/2012
Ligit message from my Walmart Pharmacy.
from WA
on 9/12/2011
Wal-mart Spokane Valley, Wa.
from NM
on 8/3/2011
recorded message saying prescription was ready
from TX
on 6/9/2011
They are just letting know that your RX is ready!
from AZ
on 6/8/2011
This is Sams Club / Walmart Pharmacy
from KY
on 2/18/2011
WalMart or whoever I have never signed up for any calls from this place and I do not appreciate them waking me up after I had just gone to sleep. Why don't they just leave a message if it is really them?
from KY
on 1/23/2011
This may be from WalMart about a prescription but I still will not answer it because it shows no name and I never answer odd ball 800 numbers. Walmart should think enough of their loyal customers to allow their ID to come through or leave me the hell alone!
from OH
on 11/30/2010
Prescription is ready at the local WalMart
on 11/11/2010
This number is also used by the Sam's Club pharmacies, as its a shared notification system. I never got these calls, till the local sam's club had issues with their phone software. I'll ask the pharmacist later if their is a way he can remove me from the "auto-call" list. They are usually able to make personal reminder calls, as they don't do the volume of a walmart pharmacy
from MN
on 10/30/2010
This is the number they call from to let you know your prescription is ready. It's a recorded message.
from FL
on 10/29/2010
Startin again, I have no prescription to pick-up-- so what now?
k foster
on 10/29/2010
this number is WalMart Pharmacy
from CA
on 10/26/2010
As others already reported, this is legitimate--the local Walmart Pharmacy calling with a recorded message to advise that a prescription is ready to be picked up along with the price. The first time they called me I did not pick up the phone because the call was seen as coming from (866) which is toll free, however that is probably because all the notification calls are being made from a Walmart central office instead of separately from each store's pharmacy. It would be helpful if they added (Walmart) to their caller ID. If you don't want them to call you anymore, just call that number back and listen for the option to take your number out of their system, or call any Walmart pharmacy and they can take your number out or change it to a different number.
from DE
on 10/20/2010
Walmart's automated messaging system to let you know your prescription is ready to pick up. Just got one for my wife's meds.
from TX
on 9/27/2010
The call comes across as "No Name"; then a message is left saying: "This is your Wal-Mart Pharmacy calling. Someone at your home has a prescription ready, and gives a price". The only thing is, I don't have any prescriptions turned in to be picked up. Is this possibly a scam? Maybe, someone using Wal-Mart's name?
from IN
on 9/15/2010
The above is correct. This is Walmart's automated messaging system to let you know your prescription is ready to pick up. I just got one myself.
from NV
on 8/29/2010
The 866-575-4108 originates the phone call, then transfers it 702-463-6245. The 702 number is reported as being a Cox Communication affilate number.
from IN
on 8/23/2010
Wish it was listed as Wal Mart... It is the Pharmacy, letting em know my meds are ready. I must admit, it i sgood to have a legit call from a 866
from OH
on 8/21/2010
This is a wal-mart mobile pharmacy phone # confirming a prescription is ready.
from TX
on 8/2/2010
Dial the number and select option 3 to not receive calls from this number again.
from NJ
on 7/19/2010
This is Walmart pharmacy. They are confirming that a refill is ready.