Phone Number 877-208-9952 / (877) 208-9952

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 12/7/2009.

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not telling
from ID
on 8/27/2013
They call looking for someone else, then hang up when you call back and try to get them to stop calling the wrong number.
W.E. in S.C.
from SC
on 2/18/2010
They didn't leave a message. A Google search of this number turned up Glass Mountain Capital, which has a debt collection subsidiary GMC Credit Services. I called the number. The person who answered was very helpful and alert and had efficient computer tools. He identified his company when answering the call, told me who they want, and asked the appropriate questions. I informed him that this is an apartment building and that they're not the first debt collector looking for this other former resident. In theory, my number has now been removed from this other person's case.