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SOB buster
from TX
on 12/31/2010
Set your Ans. machine to max rings to waste their time. Record the following out going message: This phone is on the National Do Not Call Registry. The time, date, your number, ID, and message will be recorded. If you are a friend, colleague, family member, medical, dental, veterinary provider, local, state, or federal, agency please leave a message after the tone. Otherwise consider this your official Do not Call Again Request. Further calls will be in violation of Federal Law and will be turned over along with the above captioned recordings to The Federal Trade Commission for prosecution.
scum exposer
from TX
on 12/23/2010
This bottom feeder leaves his name as Paul Black. He ignores the do not call again request. I think he is in Canada so he doesn't have to obey our laws. We don't have to respond to his request for a return call. let these illigitnate scum suckers starve. Also boycot cewdit cards and use of banks join a Credit Union.