Phone Number 954-800-2740 / (954) 800-2740

Status: Telemarketing. This number is automatically blocked by PhoneTray Pro.

Entry created on 11/8/2012.

Number located: Coral Spg, FL, USA - Phone company: Bandwidth.Com Clec, Llc - Fl

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2 comments about (954) 800-2740 from PhoneTray users
on 12/17/2012

Call from 954-800-2740. I didn't pick up.

Received a call from 954-800-2740 this afternoon. I was not home to take it, but have an answering machine with caller ID. No one left a message, just hung up. After doing a brief internet search, a few people have stated that this is some sort of a website design business located in Florida trying to sell you their services. Others stated that this was a business that collects current 'good' phone numbers where an actual person answers the phone and NOT a machine. When you answer, they say they must have dialed a wrong number. Your number is then a 'good' number. They then sell the 'good' numbers other agencies. Best advice I can give is don't answer the phone if you don't reconize the number on your caller ID. Hopefully they'll go away (put you on the dead number list) if they're not getting anywhere with your phone number.

on 11/16/2012

Call from 954-800-2740. There was a live person on the line.

dead air, than sorry, I got the wrong number. I blocked the number.

6 PhoneTray users reported (954) 800-2740 as spam
Date Number Name / Notes
11/16/2015 9548002740 Cust Serv
10/8/2015 9548002740 Cust Serv Telemarketer looking for good numbers
4/14/2015 9548002740 Cust Serv
7/3/2013 9548002740 800 Notes
6/7/2013 9548002740 Pompano Beac Fl
5/10/2013 9548002740 Florida

3 comments about 954-800-2740 at
5 call reported from 954-800-2740.
from FL
on 7/9/2013
Called by cell phone. Left no message or name.
from TX
on 3/14/2013
Darn Telemarketer.. no answer... just lookin for phone numbers that work or something.
from NC
on 1/30/2013
Hang-up. Telemarketer, according to Spokeo.