Phone Number 254-207-0837 / (254) 207-0837

Status: Telemarketing. This number is automatically blocked by PhoneTray Pro.

Entry created on 5/29/2014.

Number located: Temple, TX, USA - Phone company: Southwestern Bell

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on 8/28/2014

Call from 254-207-0837. I didn't pick up.

People are lucky if they are only getting 3/4 calls a day. Mine have been as early as 7:50 A.M. and as late as 9:00 P.M. As many as six calls per day. During the first month I never answered, let it go to the answering machine-no messages. Then I thought that maybe if I answered and hung up it would stop. Didn't solve anything. I'm probably in my second month now-maybe more. Thinking about contacting the Attorney General.

on 8/27/2014

Call from 254-207-0837. I didn't pick up.

Calling and calling 3-5 times a day

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Date Number Name / Notes
8/18/2014 2542070837 Unavailable
6/5/2014 2542070837 Temple Tx
5/29/2014 2542070837 Unavailable

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