Phone Number 421-781-8274 / (421) 781-8274

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 1/13/2011.

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from TN
on 10/9/2012
I keep getting multiple calls from this number asking for someone else. Then when I tell them that this is the wrong number, they argue me down stating that I am the right person!!
from MO
on 3/21/2012
they called 3 times today. Leaving no message, but message board post say it is a credit card services number.
from CA
on 9/13/2011
Sounded like an Asian female and they said, "I miss you" then hung up. They have called like 10 times over the last few days.
from AZ
on 3/7/2011
Received a call at 1015am. I heard ringing like I had called someone. I hung up.
Sue A
from GA
on 1/4/2011
I received a call from this number on my cellphone this morning around 8:20 AM...when i answered all I heard was a phone ringing, no voice, only a phone ringing..I hung up, they did not call back and it is now 10:15 am. tehy better not call back....I know no one in this area code.
r smith
from IL
on 1/4/2011
person is saying i qualified for some sort of loan after telling them they have wrong they continue to talk
from TX
on 12/29/2010
I answered the ringing phone, only to hear it ringing like I have called someone. I hung up before the call was picked up.