Phone Number 487-121-9722 / (487) 121-9722

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 8/8/2012.

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H z weaber
from PA
on 8/16/2012
This is the second time this number called me. The first time it was supposed to be a job head hunter wanting me to verify info. They asked if I could verify information that would be already be on any application, so i hung up. The second time i got a call from this number was tonight, they tould me I filled out an online survey and I was do $10.00 for Walmart and $100.00 coupon for a iPad. They wanted me to go online and follow them throught a web site and answer questions with them so I could redeem the coupons. Again, the information they wanted would be already available to them. Both callers were a little rude and intolerant of the questions I asked them. I think they may be trying to get certain words spoken so they can cut and paste a voice track or just some other scam I can't amagine. Anyway they are fake.
from OR
on 8/13/2012
i don't answer unknown calls. they are all scammers that love the devil
from NY
on 8/10/2012
calls from a non-existent area code. Interesting. didn't bother to answer
from TX
on 8/9/2012
Seemed like a scam said I had entered an online job search and they were calling to follow up and get more information. I told her I had a good job and had not entered any job searches and she still said they would like to build my profile. Asked nicely to remove my number and she continued to try and get me to talk. I had to just hang up on her.