Phone Number 562-223-8802 / (562) 223-8802

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 2/25/2010.

Number located: Cmtn Cmtn, CA, USA - Phone company: 33 Wireless Inc.

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6 call reported from 562-223-8802.
from CO
on 8/21/2008
got a call at 12:41 mst on aug 19th. i don't answer anyone who isn't in my caller id already!
from IL
on 8/20/2008
i also received the call.. on 19-aug. i don't who calling.. it's amzing that we all received call same time. and they didn't leave the message too...
Mad as hell
from TN
on 8/18/2008
Prerecorded message saying my warranty is about to expire. Press one to resolve this immediately. pressed one the man asked for Year make and model. I asked don't you know? He hung up on me
on 8/18/2008
3rd call in 3 weeks... 1st with car warranty final notice... 2nd & 3rd, no msgs left...
on 8/18/2008
Got a message from this number, partially cut off. All I heard was threat about maybe being laible for having to pay..... BS scare tactics. Nuke 'em with rotten Easter eggs!
from CO
on 8/16/2008
says car warranty about to run out. not so. Probably phishing for ccard numbers.
from UT
on 8/16/2008
I received the same call at 11:15 am mountain
from CO
on 8/16/2008
Odd, I most likely got the same call at the same time or right afterwards, same number same date... at 10.20am (mountain time) not sure WHO it is.