Phone Number 578-000-5756 / (578) 000-5756

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 11/6/2009.

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from OH
on 12/31/2009
These clowns have called several times now. Call back does not work, and they never leave a message. If the Feds were to start hitting these people with heavy fines, naybe they would get the hint. Also, the Gov. could really use the money.
from OH
on 12/8/2009
I answered and pressed 9 to speak to a rep, was going to inform them that I was on the do not call list, and they were break the rules by calling. When I told the guy he could stop reading from the script he promptly told me "That's not from the script you moron" and hung up on me. Calling back leaves me at "Kelly's" voicemail.
Leif Blower
from OH
on 12/6/2009
Got this "unavailable" call, prefix "000" from this and several other numbers. Caller ID tampering is illegal and SHOULD BE REPORTED TO THE FTC (Federal Trad Commission) AND THE FCC( Federal Communications Commission). We all know "000" is not an actual USA or Canadian phone prefix number. When the call came in on Friday night, I was literally giving a dude a blo*j*b. There's a guy that I'll never see again, since that number came up and pissed me off, right in the middle of it. I was trying so hard to imitate what Adam Lambert did on his band dude... but it failed. Well, I had to go back to the gay bar... to attempt to get another man... which didn't happen. Problem that these telemarketers fail to realize.... they have no regard for respect on what the other person may be doing, when the phone rings. They fail to see that we stop our lives to see who is calling, whether we pick up or not. Them calling us and we not asking for their services is an excellent advertisement for not using their services. Funny how the U.S. Government lets them get away with this, but I'm prosecuted and persecuted for loving men.... Wow. The man be lettin' a sistah' down...and keepin us down too... without the oral stimulation involved! Talk about "special rights"... I wish I were a telemarketer, not gay... then I'd have "special rights" and not be doing wrong...ever!
from OH
on 11/24/2009
No message. Calls 2-3 times daily. 000 exchange seems bogus. I abhor all these maggots ignoring the DNC registry!
on 11/6/2009
I got a call from this number today(11-6-2009) at 12:04 PM. I didn't answer, but called back the number and got a message saying "your number cannot be completed as dialed, yada, yada". I guess any number that starts with 000 is going to be a scammer that somehow ignores the do-not-call list. Buttholes.
from OH
on 11/3/2009
One call from this number 11-2-09. Caller ID shows only the number with unknown name. No meesage was left on voice mail.
from OH
on 11/2/2009
i called it back and got a message that this number was no longer in service
from NH
on 10/22/2009
I figure that ANY call where the exchange is '000' is probably not real.
from OH
on 10/12/2009
we just got this phone call a few minutes ago
from OH
on 10/8/2009
This call was yet another recorded message wanting me to lower my credit card interest rates!! What a scam!!!!
Dave DeLashmutt
from OH
on 10/5/2009
I have no idea, when I picked up no one was there, when I called back I got nothing: no ring, no busy signal, no notice of a bad number, nothing.