Phone Number 578-121-8324 / (578) 121-8324

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 8/23/2012.

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from PA
on 9/8/2012
Called to tell me I won $160 in prizes. I don't think so...
from WA
on 8/20/2012
colten bunch
on 8/17/2012
You stupid mother fuckers need to stop calling this is bullshit. Get a fuckin life or ima come burn your all your fuckin phones and probably your houses
big d
from CT
on 8/15/2012
Called to let me know that someone in my family filled out a survey for a free walmart gift card. I stopped the call at that point. She was reading off a script....Total BS since I am the only one in my house.
Richard Lauer
on 8/6/2012
Company: Unknown According to 263 Person Type: Telemarketer According to 263 People