Phone Number 585-797-6188 / (585) 797-6188

Status: Unknown.

Entry created on 6/3/2008.

Number located: Rochester, NY, USA - Phone company: Mci Worldcom Communications Inc. - Ny

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on 8/20/2008

Call from 585-797-6188. Answered and got a recorded message.

This is the 3rd call from this number to my Cell Phone in the past week. I have hung up shortly after answering each time. It is a prerecorded message that starts with "Do Not Be Alarmed your Credit card.....", I believe these calls are a scam but could be a telemarketer and they are eating up my precious cell phone minutes.

on 8/1/2008

Call from 585-797-6188. There was a live person on the line. It was phone scam.
Calling on behalf of: cant remember.

Middle easter accented lady tells me I won 2 camaras, and a vacation package for 2 for free. She goes on to explain the Details of the vacation. Near the end she says she will need to charge me for the shipping of the two camaras. Asks for adress and Im asuming (I hung up) she would go on to ask for credit card.

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