Your 21-day Trial of PhoneTray Pro

PhoneTray Pro requires a voice/data/fax modem with caller id support. The trial version will not work without a compatible modem. Click here to see a list of recommended modems.

Please install the fully functional trial version of PhoneTray Pro:

Get The Trial

Click the button above and select Run or Open. Windows will ask if you want to run PhoneTray Pro Setup published by Traysoft Inc. Click Yes and follow setup wizard to install the software.

Click here to read the Getting Started guide

Note: If you have PhoneTray Dialup or PhoneTray Free, please uninstall it before installing PhoneTray Pro. To do that, click Start button and select Programs -> PhoneTray -> Uninstall PhoneTray. When uninstall asks if you want to delete settings, please click No. PhoneTray Pro will be able to import your data from the old PhoneTray.

Uninstall Instructions

To uninstall the trial version of PhoneTray Pro, click the Start button and select Programs -> PhoneTray Pro -> Uninstall PhoneTray. PhoneTray Pro will be removed from your computer completely.